how to restore your old sneaker ( adidas stan smith )

shoe doctor la
paint, brushes, shoe tree
angelus ez cleaner


34 thoughts on “how to restore your old sneaker ( adidas stan smith )

  1. My white leather sneakers by American Eagle are 22 years old and they still look good but used.
    Your 3 year old Adidas sneakers look almost new after cleaning but barely worn.

  2. ¿Vale la pena comprar los stan smith? ¿Cuanto tiempo te duran y y cuantas veses devo usarlos a la semana para que duren? Saludos de Perú 🇵🇪

  3. ¿Cuanto tiempo tenias esas stan smith? ¿Cuanto tiempo duran? ¿Cuantas veses a la semana puedo usarlas para que me duren?🇵🇪

  4. These shoes look barely broken in, like they just needed a good cleaning. The leather isn't even creased or cracked

  5. Shoes came up good man just a tip… you never want to spray a spray can like that, that is the worse way to spray paint, spray only once and go side to side or back and forward depending on what you are painting but never burst it like that.

  6. what is the difference between flat white and white colour and why should i buy flat white ? im not native american so i dont get it

  7. is there a way to harden the soles so they're like when new? I need them to be stiff and restoring the look of a shoe is kind of pointless, without restoring them for the functionality I need.,

  8. Good vid bro! “Angelus” should sponsor you because I legit bought both products from this video 👀

  9. You showed the bottle of nail polish remover (had to pause the video to read the label) for 0.8 of a second then show a cotton bud for 3 seconds???

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