How to talk about WEATHER in English – grammar, adjectives, verbs, nouns & idioms

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42 thoughts on “How to talk about WEATHER in English – grammar, adjectives, verbs, nouns & idioms

  1. Sign up to audible for a FREE audiobook:
    Then download Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry:
    Or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
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  4. Today’s weather in Sydney was a sunny and brightly day.
    I have check the weather forecast which showed it will rain in afternoon so that I have gone home before 2:00 pm.

    Around 3 o’clock, i heard the thunder rumble and it started to bucket down with rain. it was windy and rainy, and also had some hail. after half hour, the rain stopped and sunny day again.

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  6. Winter: warm , it is a warm day . It is raining . It will rain tomorrow. Winter: cold, bitter, chilly. To snow, it is snowing. It is freezing. Spring: cool, mild, fresh, bright etc. It is raining cats and dogs. Summer: it is a shine day. I am sweating a lot.

  7. Hi Lucy,many thanks to all your great lessons and they are all really helpful for my English skill both in writing and speaking and I do love the way you move at the end of your lessons
    Adrian here from Bali Indonesia and I have only two seasons here which are hot and wet seasons,hot season is really hot and winter time could cold just sometimes
    Cheers Adrian

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