How to use the Passive Voice 😅 English Grammar Lesson

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Hooray! Emma has finally made a lesson about the passive voice! (Many of you have been asking for it!)

In this lesson, I’ll teach you WHAT it is, HOW to use it & WHY you should use it in English…. with lots of examples and practice!

Ready? Let’s do this!

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28 thoughts on “How to use the Passive Voice 😅 English Grammar Lesson

  1. Thank you for your help, but I subcribe in your chanel for only one reason, just because you're really beautiful

  2. Hi Emma. Thanks for teaching can we make passive sentence of this? People admire me playing tennis perfectly.

  3. you are much much better than my elementary English teacher!!! amazing job you did this time,!!! really like you! hope you can make more videos about grammar ! thank you a lots!

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