How To Wear Adidas Stan Smiths ( How To Style Stan Smiths)

How To Wear Adidas Stan Smiths. Int this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses how to wear the classic men’s sneaker, the Adidas Stan Smith. He talks about the history and the popularity of the Adidas Smith and shows how to style it several ways.



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25 thoughts on “How To Wear Adidas Stan Smiths ( How To Style Stan Smiths)

  1. Very interesting, I remember seeing that other name on the Stan Smith box when I bought them many years ago….You are so right sir, Stan Smiths are the ultimate multi purpose sneaker that look great regardless of the outfit. These sneaks are simple, but very classy. Stan Smiths will always look great, I remember buying my first pair so many years ago. I collect the classic ones from the 70-80s now. I love no show socks also. The one thing I see guys/women wearing with Stan Smiths that I consider a mistake are black low cut socks with Stan Smiths. I too love black shorty socks, and they look great with Superstars, but they don't work with Stan Smiths. What do you think?? You are so right, Stan Smiths look great with semi formal wear as well as gym gear, they will always be "in style" and look great….

  2. I've watched it again just to have a glimpse of that 1st look…where can I buy that (royal ?) blue shirt ?
    Still a dope video even after a year…keep it up man ! Salute !

  3. The Stan Smith is one of my favorite shoes. A casual shoe that can be worn with jeans or sweats and still look cool.

  4. Well, I liked the first two casual looks, but the shorts didn’t look good with that grey shirt, although the shorts were nice with the trainers. The last look is the worst. Why would you want to look like you’ve got duck feet or Minnie Mouse feet?! Get a pair of of shoes. Trainers with a suit looks dreadful, in my opinion. Lastly, what is it with bald men and beards? Not a good look. Looks like your head is on upside down! Or you’re wearing a false beard that hooks over the ears.

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