Incredibely CHEAP North Face In Hanoi I Vietnam

When you will be in Hanoi you will definitely notice those incredibly cheap north face clothes and bags. Is it worth buying them? How to recognize a good quality bag? Check out our video to know more about it. You won’t be able to miss all the shops Made in Vietnam with fake or “original” North face garment. There are absolutely EVERYWHERE!!

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37 thoughts on “Incredibely CHEAP North Face In Hanoi I Vietnam

  1. This is our last video from Vietnam and we are so excited to show you Japan!
    If you ever have a chance to go to Hanoi and you want to buy North Face bag or jacket be careful about the quality. But we bought some and it has been a week now and they're still in the perfect condition 👍

  2. These products are categorized this way.
    1. Made in the same factory as originals
    2. Made elsewhere

    1a. These are overruns. Unsanctioned production not known by principal company North Face.
    1b. They are defective. Rejected by QC and meant to be destroyed but smuggled out to be sold.

    2a. High quality fakes
    2b Low quality fakes, very obvious

    If you can get 1a and 2a at a good price, then great. 1b can be considered if the defects are minimal

  3. I sub cos we’re the same. Didn’t bargain off the chart because people make it for living. Like your channel

  4. 550,000 Dong is the average initial price. I just bought this backpack (first 1) and got the price down to 400,000, but had to shop around for it. I overpaid on a North Face Coat. The initial offer was 550,000 but I stood firm at 500,000 and it was so easy for her to let it go at that price. Other shops were willing sell it at a bottom price of 300,000. It was a rookie/amateur move on my part. Also bought shoes for 400,000. SHOP AROUND AND COMPARE PRICES. Chances are, you can get it for 25-50% cheaper.

  5. What you say at 7:13 is gospel. Good for you, good for me price. Don't try driving these people down in price too much…….Word

  6. Merci pour le clip. monsieur & madam. I once went to An Dong market, HCM.C to exchange $100 in a jewellery. Pointing to a Rolex I asked for the price. Bon! The jeweller gave me an excellent price. I asked: "Is it real". She gave me a question for my question: "Is real Rolex that cheap". I then went back to the real reason that I went there: "What is the price of 100 Dollar". She asked: "real or fake", I, question for question: "would u buy fake". She said: "yes, depend on its quality". I handed out my $100. She scrutinised the bill & said: "This' real, I'd buy it for ….". $100 sold with a good price. That's an advantage of being a Viet. She could tell me the thing that she won't to a foreigner.

  7. I bought a bunch of North Face jackets when I was there for 400K each. The kids was 300K. I had to haggle the first one but the rest was same price as first haggled price. They were really close to the real thing.

  8. I purchased a North Face backpack from Hanoi for 15USD over 3 years ago and it's still going strong! Always check the zippers and strap stitching though!!

  9. 1) Loved Romain in the pink raincoat. Looked awesome. 2) Great bag posing montage towards the end. Literally laughing out loud.

  10. I agree with Tube Watcher, most often than not made in China products (but no all) are imitations and don't last long. Hello there, Romain and Kristyna, greetings from the Philippines!

  11. Guys- you shouldn't have wasted your money on expensive Vietnam – Japan is way cheaper – dirt cheap in fact….enjoy….:-)

  12. Yeah you know they are fakes and you are paying for the fake and yes, they have to make a living as well. Not worth spending too much time bargaining for a couple of dollars.

  13. Very little hands doing the stitching for a pho a day. No tariffs, no border tax. Factory about 5 Kms from shop. Family business. Steady trade in young foreign backpackers. That’s how it’s so cheap. Come on guys, you know this.

  14. I got a Crumpler bag from a store in Hoi An, VN 13 years ago. The bag has seen a lot of use and still is in good shape. Oh, and the winter jacket I got in Hanoi also lasted several years. Made in Vietnam sure beats Made in China.

  15. God Morning From Las Vegas…..Can't watch now, I have class going on. I am an AP World History Teacher so I have to wait until my prep period to watch. I look forward to watching later.

  16. Good shopping advice! Loved wondering through the old quarter – you are bringing back our memories! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, always pick the best quality one but haggle hard! ❤❤💕💕👍👍

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