Inside an AMAZING Home – Finished Basement, Porches, Mudroom, Laundry Room Ideas! Episode 3

Go inside this incredible home tour and see how we maximized both lake views, even in the basement!

Ideas for your basement, mudroom, laundry room, porch and more!

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Episode 3

Home designed and engineered by:
Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes

Home Model Name:
Timber Lake Ultra Custom Timber
This home can be built in the US and Canada

This impressive log and timber home plan, conceived with luxury living in mind, deserves a look.

Architecturally designed to provide awe-inspiring views with jaw-dropping attention to details.
Built between two lakes, the engineers at Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes designed this mansion to maximize views of the lakes on each side of the house.

We instantly fell in love with the fantastic kitchen, as it features four food prep areas and enough cabinetry and countertop space to satisfy even the world’s best chefs. No one will feel excluded while entertaining as the open flow of the kitchen, great room, and dining area are second-to-none.

Every item in this timber frame style home is designed with purpose. We look forward to helping you create your dream home and your new tranquil log and timber lifestyle.

This is our most elaborate and detailed timber home. It’s designed for the customer who appreciates the beauty of timber and needs the best of the best. The added wall height and craftsman style roof overhang allow for maximum natural light. All Ultra Custom Timber homes come fully loaded with our finest cabinetry, prefinished windows, prefinished interior doors, and prefinished reclaimed ceiling planking. Massive timber band boards, rafter beams, and custom timber style trims are the norm with this series of home. As with all of our home packages, we can adjust the specifications to best suit your needs. We also offer variations of this home style in full and half log, too. As with all of our home packages, we can adjust the specifications to best suit your needs.

3D Interactive Virtual Tour:

View this custom timber log home floor plan and 1,200 more

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32 thoughts on “Inside an AMAZING Home – Finished Basement, Porches, Mudroom, Laundry Room Ideas! Episode 3

  1. I’m ready. Love absolutely everything is perfect to what I want !! I’ll get started !! All I need now is to win the lottery and I’m good to go ! lol.

  2. Hello me and my mom was watching and loving this video. What state is that home located. We were thinking Georgia?

  3. I’m binge watching these when I have a few moments. Talk about mind blowing craftsmanship. I’m a builder as well and my eye always goes to deficiencies. I’m not seeing anything. 💯👌🏻

  4. I'm still in grad school so I have many years before I can build my dream home. But I hope you guys will be there when I'm ready

  5. Okay this is now on my Vision Board for my 5 year plan! Thank you for showing me this!!! With a few minor tweaks… I will be building this!!

  6. Fantastic video – its a goal of mine to have a beautiful log home some day – always knew I would call Golden Eagle, and this video reaffirms that 🙂

  7. 11:24 I don’t think he has been in snow before, Just because they’re so worth it doesn’t mean there’s no snow there…

  8. I have watched all three episodes, and have to say, this is the most beautiful home I have ever seen. Too extravagant, and probably too expensive for me, but I was truly impressed with everything I saw. Well done.

  9. The attention to detail is impressive. I have friends who have similar homes but the fine details detract from the build. What was the build time once the project was ready to begin?

  10. We should work together on a project. Have several American partners. michaelfrilundbespokeservices in Instagram.

  11. I love this unique house but hate that the videos aren in order thier scattered all over which irritates me so i gave up trying to watch and then looking for the next part i got as far as part 2 and couldnt find anymore.

  12. You can just say "phone" instead of "smart phone". We all know that you don't mean that the old rotary could possibly control anything.

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