Inside an AMAZING Home – They Thought of EVERYTHING! Episode 1

You have to see this luxury home to believe it!
In this episode, we tour the stunning great room, dining room, and the luxury kitchen.

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Home designed and engineered by:
Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes

Home Model Name:
Timber Lake Ultra Custom Timber
This home can be built in the US and Canada

This impressive log and timber home plan, conceived with luxury living in mind, deserves a look.

Architecturally designed to provide awe-inspiring views with jaw-dropping attention to details.
Built between two lakes, the engineers at Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes designed this mansion to maximize views of the lakes on each side of the house.

We instantly fell in love with the fantastic kitchen, as it features four food prep areas and enough cabinetry and countertop space to satisfy even the world’s best chefs. No one will feel excluded while entertaining as the open flow of the kitchen, great room, and dining area are second-to-none.

Every item in this timber frame style home is designed with purpose. We look forward to helping you create your dream home and your new tranquil log and timber lifestyle.

This is our most elaborate and detailed timber home. It’s designed for the customer who appreciates the beauty of timber and needs the best of the best. The added wall height and craftsman style roof overhang allow for maximum natural light. All Ultra Custom Timber homes come fully loaded with our finest cabinetry, prefinished windows, prefinished interior doors, and prefinished reclaimed ceiling planking. Massive timber band boards, rafter beams, and custom timber style trims are the norm with this series of home. As with all of our home packages, we can adjust the specifications to best suit your needs. We also offer variations of this home style in full and half log, too. As with all of our home packages, we can adjust the specifications to best suit your needs.

3D Interactive Virtual Tour:

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32 thoughts on “Inside an AMAZING Home – They Thought of EVERYTHING! Episode 1

  1. Nah, not my style. WAY too much glass. High ceilings are great, but vaulted everywhere? nah. There is a lot that is all about excess instead of practical live in comfort when the visitors aren't around. A lot of the concepts are great like the power outlets, and efficiency in the kitchen. In those kind of woods, I would be hunting. Not a word about processing game animals…

  2. I’ve been watching so many of these giant house tour videos and this house is by far my favorite. There’s some houses that are so gorgeous on the outside then on the inside it’s like there was no real thought put into the design. I literally love everything about this house from the decor to the colors chosen to just the thought put behind everything. So stunning!

  3. There is only 1 problem with the kitchen, let's say you are cooking a meal which has strong odours before it turns out to be a dish. Wouldn't that be a problem as the kitchen is open and people in the dining room and at hall can feel comfortable due to the strong smells, even though exhaust and chimneys are provided, still it would be a uncomfortable.

  4. Very nice organizational layout of the kitchen space. I like the thought of the beverage bar off to the side of what would typically be a busy food prep area.  The only area with which I was not impressed was the fireplace – purely aesthetic.  I detest inefficient open fireplaces like that.  Though perhaps not as appealing to the eye, a good furnace fireplace with a blower would heat that area much more efficiently.

  5. The place I'm renting fitted doors that have an inch clearance from the floor, enabling the mice to move around easier. The wide kitchen window allows a panoramic view of any drug deals that are taking place outside. Not only were the architects able to save money by designing thinner walls, they also enabled me to properly hear my next door neighbour practising on his electric guitar.

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