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  2. Download AOM Gold Edition link:https://pcgamestechnology.blogspot.com/2019/12/age-of-mythology-gold-edition.html Thanks for downloading

  3. Man in mission 5 in aom I can't fight u know the missing doesn't want to start I cant save ajax and the movie has no sound and it doesn't have the full movie

  4. with your help my game opens, it runs the video at the beggining, but it crashes after that, it doesn't show the menu, do u know what can be the problem?

  5. I followed your instructions, followed them all faithfully and …. nothing! Not even a short cut on the desktop… So, I did them again and when I clicked on msxmlenu icon again it asked me if I wanted to repair… so I said yes. Still Nothing. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help me.

  6. I have the cd's for AOM. I followed the instructions to download the game, but no game. I followed the instructions given here and still no game. I found the msxlenu and installed the file. The files data.bar and data2.bar are the sizes listed on the screen at 2:13 but no game. What am I missing??
    I'm running Windows 10.

  7. You are the most beautiful person on earth…i was searching how to reinstall my game, instead i found how to fix my grapich problems, so i dont have to reainstall it!

  8. Hi guys, when the first disc download completes I don't know how to make the second disc install automatically, or to manually make it run

  9. I keep getting this message when trying to run autopatcherx
    ''There was a file access problem. You have to be logged into Windows as a user with Admin rights.''
    how can I fix that?

  10. I have the solution for the "unable to find splash path" error some people are getting, you get it cos you need to change the registry path to the correct one (gold edition for me) 1. Start
    2. Run, type in regedit
    3. Then locate your Age of Mythology folder, you may need to do a bit of searching. (Mine was ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow… icrosoftMicrosoft Games)
    4. Once there you downdrop the Age of Mythology folder, then select 1.0.
    5. In the main window there will be a couple registry entries, the one you need to change is AppPath. Change it to the new file location. (Ex. D:Age of Mythology instead of C:Program FilesAge of Mythology)
    5. If you have the expansion installed, you will need to do it to that folder also, it is probably located under the original one in the Registry Editor.

    Happy Gaming! (I copied this off the web and don't own the fix) this totally worked … now I got to 1080p it with the cgf change

  11. So I've done all this and my game works, except it is the wrong version. the thing is tho, my data and data2 are correct even tho the game is still version 1.0?

  12. I did everything but after I press play it just closes and nothing opens !
    What to do wasted already an hour for trying to fix it

  13. Bro i need help. It says unable to find splasg resource. Please answer me. Please i want to continue my aom campaign

  14. Good morning, Thank you very much for your help. Last year I might change my computer because the older (a portable) was dead. I was on Windows7. The new computer isn't un portable computer and it is with Windows10. The person who installed me, installed me successfull an older games : Masters of Olympus, Zeus and the add-on Poseidon. This game is older than the series of Age of. He had no time to install the age of mythology and the add-on. Today, I discovered your video on Youtube, and I remembered I saved all the files of : Age of Mythology + the add-on in my hard disc. I have decided to follow your instructions and now I can connect my hard disk to my computer to play. I've begun and it's wonderful. Another time, a big Thanks

  15. Hey dude thanks a lot, now I finally can enjoy the game all thx to u, now, I just have one issue, all the water on my game is like flashing and I really don't know how to fix that, do u have any idea?

  16. Hey. I once downloaded AOM (illegally) and the game worked just fine, except for the campaign. For instance, in the very first mission, the Ally army doesn't come. Events don't happen, you're just on the map.
    Does this work better ?

  17. Hi! I have a question about those files you said it's necessary to have specific sizes… I have the CDs to install both AoM and the expansion, and my files sizes are different from those you show in the video. Should I replace them for the ones you provido or should I just install that msxmlenu? Because I installed it but nothing happened. Thanks!

  18. Hey, I did like you said everything working fine except resolution I couldnt make a user CFG file (it says to me: acces denide) plz help me to fix the problem

  19. dude i fucking love you, thank you so much for sharing this info. I managed to get originial aom working but not titans so now i can properly join games on gameranger, thank you so much

  20. My Gameranger doesnt work 🙁
    no matter what i try, "You dont have the matched hosts version" or something,
    Help please

  21. If you have an error message right after the cinematics try this: Right click on aomx shortcut on your desktop–> properties –> shortcut label –> Target: ADD "xres=800 +noIntroCinematics" to the predestined target path! Worked for me 😀

  22. I downloaded the titan file but I so not get the same files as you? Ihave rockall.dll Granny.dll and mss32.dll are not installed

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