Interview with winners of "Amazing Race"

The Amazing Race on CBS wrapped up its 29th season Thursday, crowning two new winners, Scott Flanary and Brooke Camhi. The two were paired up as perfect strangers. CBSN’s Erica Pitzi spoke to them about their win and experience together.

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32 thoughts on “Interview with winners of "Amazing Race"

  1. Gosh he was the funniest partner. I think they won bec of him pushing. Ya! She was the most annoying. I'm amazed how he dealt with her. I cant believe she was a criminal attorney or something. She complained so much. I felt bad for other teams when they helped her with the ladle she promised one of the team that she wont U turn them. Then they did without even thinking.

  2. Lol I loved when they were in Thailand and I was laughing when Brooke was grunting and moaning because she couldn’t ride the bike and then Scott said “wait she’s giving birth again” or something like that

  3. Omg! He was so rude to her by saying that about her bet he won’t say it in front of her face! He said she was a glass half full that is verbally abusive he hated her the whole time!!!

  4. brooke and scott the most annoying, relatable, funny, enjoyable to watch and entertaining team from that season they should be n1 pick for all stars

  5. Okay…
    I was rooting for ‘The Boys’ and ‘Team Mom and Dad’.

    ‘The Boys’ didn’t win or get into the finals because they used the subway as their transportation instead of taking a cab and they also had bad luck with getting a cab driver that drove them to the wrong destination. After all the time wasted on these things, they just could not catch up.

    ‘Team Mom and Dad’ didn’t win the finals either, which I personally think was because Brooke and Scott reached the driving track first and they could start driving first. I would have preferred if the stops could be done at the same time. Another reason was they went to the wrong destination for the riddles bit.

    However, after the race.
    I just hope all the contestants had fun and Brooke and Scott spend their money wisely.

  6. Brooke got many help with the road block in zanzibar. .she kept crying out that she couldn't do it and let other contestants help her. . she should have lost on that leg of the race.!!!!

  7. Scott should get all money,the "I can't" girl could do nothing yelling "i cannt", even she can't carry her rucksack,poor Scott

  8. In this race Brooke looked like ‎Flo Pesenti of Season 3, a totally undeserved win. By the way, Zach Behr and Scott deserved a lot just for carrying them on the back all the way.

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