iOS 13.4 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 13.4 is out to everyone on iOS 13 supported devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPad OS 13.4. iOS 13.4 brings new updates to memo, TV, mail, iCloud Drive, shortcuts, the App Store and more. In this video I cover all the new features, updates and fixes that come with iOS 13.4 and go over battery life and Performance. I also talk about iOS 13.5, and iOS 14. Apple also released updates to watchOS, macOS, and Apple TV. If you were wondering if you should install iOS 13, now is the time. #ios13 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:05 – Supported Devices
00:27 – How to update from the Beta
00:45 – Size
01:21 – Build number
01:30 – Modem Update
01:52 – New features and changes
09:18 – Bug fixes and resolved issues
12:06 – Existing bugs
12:31 – Battery life
13:29 – Performance
14:20 – Should you install iOS 13.4
14:33 – Conclusion
14:51 – iOS 14
15:08 – Wallpaper
15:21 – Outro
15:41 – End
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27 thoughts on “iOS 13.4 is Out! – What's New?

  1. Seems like most these updates are catered to function on the newer devices so I'm never excited for them👎🏿

  2. Having some odd things happen like settings > Haptic Touch > Bluetooth then it crashes. Notification sounds were working in texts when screen was off > hard reset helped get that working again. And so far I noticed “photos data turned off” turn back on in settings… weird not even using photos app.

  3. Have you always been able to invoke the volume slider with the buttons, and then use the screen to control the volume?

  4. Voice over doesn’t work very good in the mail in this latest update when I try to read the email usually when I do a two finger flip up at Reed’s email but now in the latest version when idea to think of flip up nothing happens

  5. Apple released iOS 13.4 to the public.
    It brought with it new security and privacy features for Safari on both iOS and Mac.
    Apple now blocks all third-party cookies by default.

  6. Will not updating to this make me have mobile hotspot issues. Every time I try to hotspot no devices can find my phone

  7. I'm using 11promax and I noticed that my battery drains easily after updating to 13.4. I notice it like when I left my phone unattended for a while connected to a wifi. Before the update, it always took an hour or more to remove a percentage into my battery but now it seems like every 20-30 minutes and it is connected to a wifi network. Is there something I need to do?

  8. Does anyone notice this when typing on an iOS device: while in portrait mode, additional character button is left and emoji button right. In landscape mode it‘s the other way round. I always mistype and it annoys me. On my iPad this bug is not there

  9. So far the update seems to be smooth, I have noticed a possible Bug, if I get a call nothing shows up in Recents?

  10. Hi Aaron, after updating my iPhone 8 to iOS 13.4 – that long press on 'Settings' and then tapping Bluetooth still crashes Settings on me. The other options (wi-fi, cellular data, etc) are fine thank you. Enjoy your videos

  11. Nope. This upgrade isn’t an upgrade. Apple that make my iPhone slower and useless as usual. So irritated by them. Never trust APPLE!

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