Is this the Ultra Boost 5.0?!

Recently leaks from Instagram account @SneakerProphet_ have shown what many are calling the Ultra Boost 5.0! The highly anticipated UltraBoost 5.0 would be the first to differ dramatically from the Adidas UltraBoost line. Check out the video to learn more!

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39 thoughts on “Is this the Ultra Boost 5.0?!

  1. hey seth … nice review.. now seems to reduce the weight of the entire shoe.. they hollow the heel cup removed extra material and heard 20% more boost is added in 5.0

  2. The only good thing about the 5.0 is that it appears to be more functional as a day to day running shoe. That new full strip upper around the mid foot is closer to that of the energy boost. I've always ran in energy boost and used the ultra's for casual dress. Maybe Adidas is trying to make the ultra somehow equally fashionable as well as making it a more functional running shoe for day to day running.

  3. The shoe was never made for style and trends. It’s a performance shoe tailored for runners. Hypebeasts just messed it up by focusing on its look rather then what the shoe was intended for. Adidas focused more on performance this time around if you actually read what the background for the design came from.

  4. I honestly like this design a lot. I never loved the cage on ultra boosts, and while I hope this new "cage" is smaller than the one in this render, I like this a lot more. The new primeknit design is awesome. Neutral on the foot cup, tbh.

  5. The Ultraboost 5.0 is a visual crime. Why take away good thing? Some say it looks performance driven, who are you kidding? That shit looks incomplete on the heel and the materials look less premium. Maybe adidas will kill this line off and then introduce a new technology?

  6. Okay I'm going to be the jerk I'm going to be the guy I'm going to have to say it what in the fuck is this I'm not fucking buying this shit what the fuck

  7. I think changing the heel cup to a cut out look is a cool addition to the Ultra Boost, but maybe as an exclusive colorway, not its own model. And the new cage seems cheap and doesn’t shout Ultra Boost.

  8. Seth idk if you look at your comments but It’d be cool if you did the miadidas ultra boost clima in a live stream and let the fans customise it

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