Jae Young Pour That Bucket in our Bowl, You Go Out with So Min [Running Man Ep 445]

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38 thoughts on “Jae Young Pour That Bucket in our Bowl, You Go Out with So Min [Running Man Ep 445]

  1. the only reason people are so vocal about their like for Jihyo is because they pity her. I like Somin for everything that she is. Somin has her own worries and insecurities but she doesn't let them hold her back from doing her best on the show. She's funny and active, never looked tired but kept a cheerful expression on her face consistently. When I see her try so hard for the show it makes me forget all my memories and she is able to put a smile on my face the whole time. that's why I can't take Jihyo supporters seriously. They live a sad life filled with hate instead of enjoying the show and supporting the members for who they are.

  2. lol haters seems like bother with somin since all RM member are supporting jaeyoung with somin loveline especially when haha and jungkook keep tease soomin.. Haters are haters they're just being salty with somin.. at least she won many awards even she just new in variety show as Popular Star Award, Rookie Award (variety), Best Couple Award with (LKS) and TOP EXCELLENT AWARD (Variety).. haters you should ask your biased to work harder like somin so you can proudly brag your favorite member.

  3. the double standard of rm fans who are anti somin is obvious. somin is playing her character in this variety show just like kwangsoo who has similar character as her. people dun bash him for being flirty with female guests as his character. instead these somin antis condemning somin when she obviously doing her work as entertainer just like kwangsoo. u guys also victimized jihyo by blaming somin too. delusional somin antis can you pick a struggle? smh. you guys are sickos

    bruh other members are annoying and rude af too. if i use u guys logic should i hate haha when he treated jihyo like shit during early days? the misogynistic replies on this 🤡 i really pushed the antis trigger button

  4. All the salty haters must be so attached on keeping their eyes on Somin. She ain't even doing anything yet and y'all being judgemental. If working hard seems over to you, then you must know pretty well how to make a living in that kind of industry.

  5. I admit that I don't really like Somin being over-cute sometimes, but I somehow hate it when the other members just push her out to the guests as some kind of silly punishment, like "it's bad to like her" or "it's punishment to be on a date with her", pleasssee, she's a girl too and I believe she would feel sad seeing some of the male guests just avoid her!!!><

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