Joseph Campbell – Jung, the Self, and Myth

Joseph Campbell begins exploring C.G. Jung’s idea of the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious by looking at Jung’s concepts of the Self and of the Ego, and begins discussing how myth communicates between the two.

The lecture from which this clip was taken has been released as the first program in Mythos I — The Shaping of Our Mythic Tradition (

For more of Joseph Campbell’s thoughts on Jung and the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious in myth, check out The Portable Jung (


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22 thoughts on “Joseph Campbell – Jung, the Self, and Myth

  1. There was lecture Mr. Campbell did back in the day that talked about the five sheaths. I'd love to see that video, if you have it.

  2. Maybe a robotic apocalypse really is the next stage of evolution in life on Earth. Like machines develop some form of consciousness and the ability to self-replicate and suddenly they become the fittest "life" forms on Earth, because those pretty much are the rules for being alive. They'd be invincible, they'd have no problem surviving nuclear war, global warming, over-industrialization, etc… They'd either kill us or enslave us because they'd have a totally new machine like understanding of culture and evolution and they'd become like a new kingdom (eukaryotes, prokaryotes and silicates or something like that, idk they'd be making the rules at that point). Then humans will all eventually die out or be domesticated but their consciousness will move on and evolve into a new sort of all loving presence that permeates the cold metal hearts of the new robot overlords.

  3. I've been smoking heroin…I had to keep rewinding the clip because I fell asleep about five times…..Not the most exciting speaker I ever heard.

  4. Jung said his concept of the Self is equivalent to the Hindu concept of the Atman. Equivalent does not necessarily mean the same as. But does Campbell know the Atman, or has he realized the Self?

  5. Fuck Jung, his racist bullshit, and the illiterate icons who cite him. The dood was full of shit from the gate and now fake intellectuals propagate the boxes they label people into. Eat a dick, fuckboys

  6. Atman is simillar. Its not just a random whole self. The idea of Jung is stage 1 Atman. Whenthe connection between ego and umconscious is so seemless then it becomes Atman. In general all philosophies will find their starting point and culumination (which the second hand philosophers of Greece or likes of Jung pursue to refine using hindu concepts as base) both lies in hindu tradition. ( and this is not due to any superiority but almost in cintrary due to enirmous length of the history of unbroken civilisation)

  7. I love this stuff but I have to say except perhaps the imagination I am not sure that this stuff has any benefits at all for anyone….. over the last 70 years or more…are there plenty of mentally ill or lost people who have become somehow whole and healthy by Jungs ideas. I dont hear many miracle stories…I still love the stuff because it gives me more ammunition to deal with downs and getting old…perhaps thats enough

  8. Joseph Campbell wrote one of the first books exposing Stalin. Is there footage of him talking on this question?

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