Keira Knightley | "Lost Stars" (Begin Again Soundtrack) (2015 Oscar Nominee) | Interscope

Keira Knightley performs “Lost Stars” from the ‘Begin Again’ soundtrack, now available:

Cover the song for a chance to win a copy of the soundtrack signed by Adam Levine:

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45 thoughts on “Keira Knightley | "Lost Stars" (Begin Again Soundtrack) (2015 Oscar Nominee) | Interscope

  1. At first i only knew Jungkook's version (cover)i didn't know it was originally Adam Levine's.. although I saw the movie (way way back)i wasn't really aware

  2. I once dated a girl who was REALLY into me…. no joke, we hung out & discussed music. I said “yeah I sometimes enjoy/jam out to female musicians like Regina Spektor..” she ended it because she thought that was “weird”… luckily I married someone that doesn’t harshly judge my music taste. But in all reality if you are a man or woman, THIS is an amazing song to listen to/enjoy. Hopefully that girl that ended it with me gets her ears checked. 😜

  3. I love how we get two versions of this wonderful song. It feels differently listen to them. One is professional, flashy. One is sincere, raw, cosy, a bit sad.
    And now I need the latter.

  4. ก็รักเช่นเคยไมเคยจะทิ่งเลยนะเมียคนนี้รักมากด้วยจากหัวใจเลยและไมลืมว่าเราสองคนลำบากมาด้วยกันจนถึงทุกวันนี้ด้วยกันเสมอ🤗🤩🥰

  5. Out of the 22M views , I guess I have 1M alone…this song brings me back so many times…this movie, the songs, the actors…everything is just perfect! ❤

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