Kids English Learning Show #15 : Adjectives & Descriptions – "Is it fast?"

This childrens English lesson teaches:
• Fun English Adjectives: hot, cold, smart, etc…
• Describing things and people in English: “He is tall.” “She is a tall person.”
• Answering yes/no questions.
• English review: “Do you like ______?” “Yes, I do.” “No, I don’t.”

English Vocabulary: Common Adjectives
• hot, cold, fast, slow, old, young, tall, short, dirty, clean, fat, thin, good, bad, cute, ugly, good, bad

Extra English Vocabulary
• think, is/isn’t, friend, great, new, opposites, do, don’t, game, I’ll get you, The Friend Game, number, cool, heavy, number, all, see, good shot,

English Grammar / Questions
• “Hello, do you like icecream?”
• Is he/she/it adjective? Example: “Is he dirty?”
• Are you / they ____? (clean, tall, cute, etc) Yes, I am ____. (clean, tall, cute, etc) No, I am not ____. (clean, tall, cute, etc)
• What can you see? I can see a _____ pumpkin and an ____ pumpkin.
• Is he/she/it slow, short, old?

English Grammar / Answers
• “Yes, I like icecream.”
• I am ____. Example: “I am young.”
• You are ____. Example: “You are smart.”
• He/she/it is adjective. Example: “It is dirty.”
• They/we/you are adjective.” Example: “We are slow.”
• Yes, he is.
• No, he isn’t.
• Peter Pumkin is a fast pumpkin. He is a fast, fast pumpkin.
• I can see a ADJ + NOUN: Example “I can see a tall building.”

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