Kinemon And Momonosuke Came From The Past! | Wano Time Travel | One Piece | Eng Sub [HD]

Clip from One Piece ep 910 ➡️- Kinemon explains that Momonosuke, Raizo, Kanjuro and Kiko came from the past, from the land of Wano of 20 years ago, crossing through time to the present land of Wano. Toki, Oden’s wife could travel to the future by the power of the Time-Time devil fruit. She sent them to the present time using her powers. ➡️
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○ Kaido Introduction! ➡️-
○ Drunken Kaido Cries! ➡️-
○ Jack Got Defeated By Zunisha ➡️-
○ Jack Tries To Rescue Doflamingo ➡️-
○ Doflamingo Power Speech ➡️-
○ Captain Kid Got Defeated By Kaido ➡️-
○ Wano Playlist ➡️-
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