23 thoughts on “Koo Hyesun, Ahn Jaehyeon(구혜선, 안재현) [Entertainment Weekly / ENG / 2019.08.26]

  1. Oh please talk to each other and say everything that is on your heart because seeing both of you getting in that difficult time and wanting to get a divorce breaks my heart so much i am pretty sure there is just some kind of misunderstanding and you might regret it later on.

  2. Marriage is a 2 way street….both partners may have difficulties and understanding and its hard but marriage wasnt made to be easy
    If only we could all be perfect but we are all imperfect and sinful hence the issues and problems faced on a daily basis…thats life people you either endure it or give up…

  3. i;ve never liked him. Now i hate him even more. Such a low life. Taking her as a sexual object and commenting on her nipples not being attractive enough. As if he looks any better.

  4. 그녀는 오싹하다. 그는 사기꾼입니다. 다른 한국 배우와 우상을위한 교훈. 4 년간 데이트 한 다음 결혼 계약서를 작성하십시오. 한 사람이 바람을 피우면 다른 한 사람이 모든 것을 얻습니다. 그렇지 않으면 10 년 안에 이혼하면 다른 배우자는 33 %를, 10 년 후에는 50 %를 얻습니다. 이 모든 비난은 불필요합니다. 어서 이 헛소리보다 시간이 더 중요합니다.
    geunyeoneun ossaghada. geuneun sagikkun-ibnida. daleun hangug baeuwa usang-eul-wihan gyohun. 4 nyeongan deiteu han da-eum gyeolhon gyeyagseoleul jagseonghasibsio. han salam-i balam-eul piumyeon daleun han salam-i modeun geos-eul eodseubnida. geuleohji anh-eumyeon 10 nyeon an-e ihonhamyeon daleun baeujaneun 33 %leul, 10 nyeon hueneun 50 %leul eodseubnida. i modeun binan-eun bulpil-yohabnida. eoseo i heos-soliboda sigan-i deo jung-yohabnida.

  5. I didn't like him in the variety show
    I see him selfish little bit.

    She looks quite and 'as someone said' unproblematic

  6. I've read a lot of nasty comments about Hye Sun . Let me tell you roasters something . I seriously pray this never happens to you male or female.
    Ahn begged Hye Sun for the relationship and the marriage. He was all on Fb I just want to be with her , I want to be newly weds with her. Hye Sun was find on her own , as she stated she really was looking for a relationship that is why she was hesitant. When they got married his friends began to whisper about how she looked , he shouldnt have married her , and the little pussies were worst , they talked about how much sexier they were than her, he ate the hook deep in his throat. One day you tell this woman I'm not in love with you anymore , but she's in love with him. Wake the f–'-'k up Hye Sun is hurting really bad and you dogs want to shit on her along with Ahn . Hye Sun gave up her career for him . Hey I'm not the sheet or the pillow , but if any of you go back when Ahn announced he wanted to merry Sun you will come to the same conclusion I have . GU HYE SUN PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER . IN THIS WORLD WHAT GO'S AROUND COMES AROUND. HIS TURN IS COMING.

  7. Yo acepto la separación,creían estar preparados pero no se dieron cuenta ,solo se gustaban físicamente y aquel que hable mal del otro públicamente , éso indica que era la persona inmadura( traducirlo porfis y hacerlos llegar ) la vida es lo más valioso que tenemos.Acapulco.

  8. I believe her, i believe what she says, i also believe he drove her to this point of mental instability, because she was perfectly fine before and never involved in any drama

  9. There divorce is so ironic to me, considering how they said they never had never even fought once when they were at the start of their marriage. Guess no relationship can stay without problems forever.

  10. I'm not saying it's impossible, because we're all human, but I've noticed the marriages that tend to last longer (when it involves a celebrity) are between those who marry a spouse that isn't famous. I'm also not saying this couple never loved each other, I'm sure they did. But instead of bringing up each others wrongdoings and/or differences, they should remember the good points and ask each other questions to try to better understand each other. Its a shame things aren't working out as they'd expected, but they should remember they chose to marry each other and whatever the reason behind it, they shouldn't result to bashing each other. Be mature and move on, knowing they tried. Even if it hurts, address these feelings right away. No point holding resentment when there is so much happiness to be obtained out here. Split every cost between them (even if the other used something more) and be done with it. They went in as a one, they should also separate as one.

  11. Para mi creo q se casaron muy rapido no se llegaron a conocer todos sus defectoa y virtudes una lastima q rompieran 😢

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