Ma Long amazing English speech | 2019 ITTF Male Star

👏🗣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😲 Wonderful Speech, Ma Long! What an Incredible Champion you are!!! 🏆🐲🔥


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44 thoughts on “Ma Long amazing English speech | 2019 ITTF Male Star

  1. The same effort he puts into Table Tennis, he has put into this speech too. The Dragon on every level 🐲❤️

  2. Just imagine being a top player in Chinese national team and training all day long and having a wife and a kid, but still you manage to squeeze time for learning English. Ma Long deserves our highest respect

  3. It was just the last sentence I didn't get, it was a bit emotional already I guess. Something like: "I will never stop reaching my destination?"

  4. I hope, you'll win the Gold in 2020 Olympics and retire as an undisputed champion. The slaying dragon. 🐲🔥❤️

  5. The best ever. I followed him for years. I cry when I see him play and even this speech gets me emotional. When he retires I will surely cry and be sad.

  6. how many of you who criticize this english actually speak second language as good as he does? And no Spanish is not second language. it's same language as English with slightly different pronunciation and spelling, think about yourself before you judege

  7. keep figthing ma long,you dont have to be champion all the time now cause you already are in our heart,just watching your new video matches give us excitement..

    p/s i cant afford long 5 and w968 yet,so just bought the clone from Sword which they call HD Long 5 😂

  8. Him speaking in English is not necessary at all, he could choose to have a translator. BUT, Ma Long for the sake of your fans globally you chose to learn and speak in English so that "we" who couldn't understand Cantonese/Mandarin could understand you not just that but feel your voice and your emotions through your words. You are always in the heart of millions and I am one of them. Thank you Ma Long, no matter what we love and support you to the end

  9. Amazing and courageous effort to have the speech in english!
    Shows what kind of great and mature character he has become throughout his career!

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