Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine's family

Remarkably talented Adam Levine got world recognition after the Maroon 5 first album was released. The Grammy-award winning singer got into the music world, when he created the rock band Kara’s Flowers. Unfortunately, the band first album wasn’t popular, and the musicians split up. However, Adam didn’t give up the idea of a music career, and in 2001, he reformed the music group and changed its name to Maroon 5.

Levine was born in 1975 to Patsy Noah, who worked as an admission counsellor. Adam remembers that his mom was a fan of the Beatles, and that is how the boy was attached to music. When the future rock singer was seven, his parents broke up. It was really stressful for Adam, and his parents even took him to the therapy.

Frederic Levine has a successful clothing business. Being a wealthy man, he has spent a lot of money on his kids’ education. Thus, Adam could attend one of the best private school in California. After the divorce with Patsy, Fred got remarried and fathered two more kids.

Adam is not the only child in the family. Let’s look at his siblings a bit closer.

Julia Bartolf Milne is not singer’s biological sister. She was born to Philip Bartolf, Patsy’s first husband, and late Diane Bartolf. Patsy married Philip after he became a widower and became a step-mother to Julia.

Michael Noah Levine is the rock musician’s younger brother. In 2011, Adam spoke in the interview about his brother’s homosexuality. He said that the family had already known about this fact for some time. However, Michael himself wasn’t very happy with that interview, saying he felt uncomfortable about it.
Liza Levine is the half-sister of the “Moves like Jagger” singer. She was born in Fred’s second marriage.

Sam Levine is Liza’s sibling and Adam’s half-brother from the father’s side.

The Voice judge has been happily married since 2014. His wife Behati Prinsloo is a successful model. She was the first model who got the contract with Victoria Secret Pink. Behati was born in Namibia. Actually, she was lucky to be spotted in the street in Cape Town and got a chance to start her modelling career. The Namibian model and her husband both have special tattoos in the sign of their love to each other.

The happy couple are the parents of two beautiful girls.
Dusty Rose Levine arrived in 2016. Her mother Behati says she could never imagine that love can be so strong until her baby girl was born. In 2017, Dusty’s famous father got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was the first time when the little princess was seen in public.

In September 2017, Adam and his wife announced Behati’s second pregnancy. Their new baby girl Geo Grace Levine arrived in February 2018.


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