MBK Center Bangkok – REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

Is MBK still a replica market? Make your own picture from all the brands and look closely if it´s a fake replica or not.

I found this article online from November 2017

The impossible has happened: you can no longer find fake designer goods at MBK.

For some time now, we’d been hearing complaints from tourist friends saying that they couldn’t find fake watches and designer bags at MBK, so went down to the home of cheap knock-off gear to see if it was true.

After an hour scouring the familiar, strip-lit hallways on the G/F, 3/F and 6/F—always the best floors for an affordable Gucci—the only outright fake we came across was one B390 Supreme hoodie (pictured).

“There are no more copied goods in MBK,” one store manager (name withheld) at a Thai designer brand told us. “There are police officers walking around every day, sometimes even sitting around and waiting for the shops to take out their fake products.”

The staff in another store specializing in leather goods confirmed this. “The police officers have been checking almost every day for a little while now. You won’t be able to find any of the fake designer bags anymore,” she said.

Though we couldn’t find any direct designer bag copies, we spotted a few designer bag-look-a-likes. Some followed the look of signature Hermes bags, while another, designed to look like Gucci, carried the name “Gocci.”

“You will still see those kinds of products around, as long as they don’t have the actual brand put on the product, it’s fine,” said the Thai brand store manager.

MBK has long been the epicenter of Bangkok’s counterfeit culture. Despite intellectual property laws in Thailand that stipulate up to four years in prison and a B400,000 fine for selling fake goods, a vast number of vendors at MBK have always openly sold products directly copying the look of big international brands.

The news that the shopping center no longer provides a one-stop shop for Rolexes and Ralph Lauren Polos will come as a bitter blow to tourists everywhere.

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Translated titles:
MBK Center Bangkok-REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Centre Bangkok-MERCADO DE REPLICAÇÃO @ MBK Mall Bangkok

एमबीके सेंटर बैंकॉक-रेप्लिका मार्क @ ए

MBK Center Bangkok-REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

এমবিকে সেন্টার ব্যাংকক-রেপ্লিকা বাজা


MBKセンターバンコク-レプリカマーケット@ MBKモールバンコク

MBK ਕੇਂਦਰ ਬੈਂਕਾਕ-ਰਿਪਬਲਿਕ ਮਾਰਕੀਟ @ MBK ਮਾਲ ਬ

МБК Центр Бангкок-РЕПЛИКА МАРКЕТ @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Centre Bangkok-ตลาด REPLICA @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Centre Bangkok-REPLIKAMARKT @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Center Bangkok-REPLICAINE MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Center Bangkok-REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK Center Bangkok-PASAR REPLICA @ MBK Mall Bangkok


MBK Centre Bangkok-REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

MBK சென்டர் பாங்காக்-ரெபிக்யா மார்க்கெ

Trung tâm MBK Bangkok-THỊ TRƯỜNG REPLICA @ MBK Mall Bangkok

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26 thoughts on “MBK Center Bangkok – REPLICA MARKET @ MBK Mall Bangkok

  1. Is MBK still a replica market? Make your own picture from all the brands and let me know your thoughts…
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  4. Thailand is the driving force behind all these counterfeited brands in this global supply chain of merchandise productions. Like it or not, these so-called replica branded merchandise have a niche market to serve the needs of individual consumers across the globe. You pay much less than you would otherwise pay at the retail store. Which is good as you could save more, better manage your daily expenses. Counterfeiting is not a bad thing after all, and as far as local economies in much of the developing world are concerned, there are plenty of job opportunities that employ people who would otherwise have been out of job to make a decent living under the increasingly difficult business environment at all times. You may end up being own boss some day by running business that supplies merchandise of these counterfeited brands!

  5. I'm working my way through your videos when I have time. Came across this one. MBK s my very favourite shopping centre. I go in there in the morning. And dint come out until night time. LOVED the video. Many happy memories

  6. do I have to find the name of a shop that does embroidery, can anyone tell me? I think it was on the second floor.

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