Milwaukee Adjustable Wrench Review

Home Depot:

This 6″ and 10″ adjustable wrench combo pack don’t back off from where you set them.

Thanks to Home Depot and Milwaukee for providing a review sample in exchange for my honest, unfiltered feedback.


12 thoughts on “Milwaukee Adjustable Wrench Review

  1. Any idea on the weight of the 8in vs the 8in milwaukee? I noticed the cutouts and can only assume theyre there to save material but at the same time it cuts the total weight.

  2. I just got a snapon 12inch adjustable wrench for school, and that larger Milwaukee seems to be very comparable to the snap on. The snapon has 4 threads of engagement but I can sit there and shake it all day and it won’t make a sound. And it should be that way for a $90 wrench lol.

  3. love the Milwaukee tool designs and details
    great review, thank you although a comparison with bahco would have been more fitting imo

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