My 8 Favourite English Adjectives | Improve Your Vocabulary | Describing People

In this lesson, I’ll share some of my favourite English adjectives with you! One’s that I use regularly, that help to add more information when I’m speaking about someone!

To be expressive, to show emotion and feeling and to sound more interesting when you use English, your need to start pushing your vocabulary further.

Saying something is nice or beautiful is good…
But adjectives like magnificent, remarkable or inspirational are so much stronger and more meaningful!

You already know what an adjective is – there are lots of them in English! They are used to describe or give more information about a noun.

One of the most common mistakes that English learners make is about where to put an adjective in a sentence. In English, you need to use adjectives like this:

a/an + adjective + noun
A remarkable woman.
A thoughtful child.

This structure is very common too:

Noun/Pronoun + (be) +adjective
He was a generous man.
Sally is very sophisticated.

So in this lesson, I’m going to share 8 of my favourite adjectives with you, to help you build your vocabulary for describing people!
1. Exceptional
2. Aggressive
3. Responsible
4. Generous
5. Independant
6. Sophisticated
7. Intelligent

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