My Vietnam AirBnb at Vinhomes – Ho Chi Minh City

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My Story:

After 49 years of doing the hamster-wheel in California, I finally left it all
and decided to see what Southeast Asia had to offer. I moved to the Philippines
for 6 years, experienced some of the best times of my entire life!

Now, I am exploring again and living in Vietnam. Join me as I venture out to see
more of Vietnam and the surrounding areas. I will share with you my thoughts on
what I see and how I handle the various challenges of living as a full-time expat
in Southeast Asia. For more photos and non-Youtube videos, join or follow my
Facebook page.

— Reekay

#philippines #vietnam #expatlife


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47 thoughts on “My Vietnam AirBnb at Vinhomes – Ho Chi Minh City

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  2. Our problem is not dependent on any major country. We are self-reliant after 20 years of lifting the embargo from the US we are like a guy who just wakes up and works with a good leader … and especially we are allergic to the Chinese empire .. we have not finished it all yet..but we are taking solid steps sure .. you know, the baby undergoes harsh treatment, when he grows up he will grow more mature btw:- I love my country. with hardworking and patient people

  3. Incredible, i think phils is being the 8 ball like 40 plus years, there are no buildings like that in phils, maybe some close to it in Makati, etc,, but Wow, very impressive. and up to date and then some……….

  4. Whoa! that high balcony. My knees are tensing and I'm only watching my Laptop. It looks a beautiful city and apartment with higher standards than the Philippines.

  5. I'm headed back to VN in about a month; I need to settle down this weekend and make my reservations this weekend. I hope those screwballs in DC and the TSA don't mess up my travels with the alleged government shutdown. I'll try to follow your posts more closely this month. Maybe we might end up in close proximity. I'll be moving out, about and throughout VN, and probably hopping over to Thailand for a short visit. My friend wants to tag along on this trip. Maybe our schedules will allow it. If you'd like some tips on VN, my fiancé is back in Saigon now. She might be up to helping you out in your new surroundings. Let me know if it's something you're interested in. She speaks enough English to where you won't be stuck like Chuck in your first video in this series.

  6. Vietnam is much better than that shithole Philippines Republic. Vietnam is quickly becoming the next Thailand tourist destination but without so much of the redlight district and filthy streets and neighborhood. I hope it takes longer for others to pick up on so it stays more pristine and away from the sexpats and backpackers that plague Thailand and PI.

  7. It looks very nice and that's a great value however it looks like many other concrete jungles. I can't wait until you get out and explore more.

  8. Nice to see you checking out another Country or two for us. Was just surprised you hadn't done some 3-4 week side trips like this years ago.

  9. HOLA REEKAY OK soo Creo que para mi la cama esa esta muy en el piso ,, seria un pedote para acostarme y lebantarme LOL La otra es el living es compartido ??que pasa cuando todos estan en la casa ??Podes editar tranquilo en el living mesa ?/ o es solo para comer ?? Por lo demas todo se ve super limpio y cuidado ,, ..OK super interesante

  10. @Reekay I am not a big fan of shared AirBnb. I do not trust sleeping around strangers, I have read and listened to horror news about it.😎✌️❤️

  11. An Airbnb like that would cost you $60-$120 a day in Philippines in traffic nightmare Manila or Cebu and thats if it will be available. Quality of life is through the roof in Vietnam. A lot of jealous Philippine expat fanboys getting really jealous.

  12. Even though you haven't left the city and headed off the beaten path yet those vids seem to show a lot cleaner looking Vietnam then anywhere in the Philippines including Makati or anywhere else for that matter. How are the cost comparisons so far?

  13. There's a guy that did a channel called edges of the Earth who just got done in Vietnam and he's an Indian now he got a small place there in Vietnam for 1.2 million a month and he said he's averaged out to about $2 a day.

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