30 thoughts on “Nerd's AMAZING GRASS

  1. Btw, (i hope you read this) you really should make another legendary guide for the new legendaries coming with HOT. That guide was the reason i subscribed and pretty much one of the best things you ever did with the channel in my opinion. It would be awesome if you could make another guide for the new legendaries.

  2. This a fantastic story, I've had lots of issues in airlines, being a normal looking white male, I mostly just forget I packed certain things, so this definitely made my day 🙂

  3. Well at least you didn't forget your credit card knife in your wallet like I did. I actually forgot to turn in my wallet so the security had to check it and they missed it and said it was clear. Casually carrying a knife on a plane 😉

  4. Matt – sorry I can't find any contact link for the TOVG podcast. I've recently started listening to it and like it, but please oh please tell your cohost to stop playing with the ice in his cup! there's also quite a bit of loud mouse clicking, maybe he needs a better mic?

    Loving the stories though keep em coming!

  5. She probably used the hair product to make her hair look on point, the dip … she was hungry XD Poor Matt, great video btw

  6. NOOOOO!! Not the DIP!
    Next time you gotta respond with: "Can I just eat it right now instead?"

    Though last year I brought an almost full tub (500ml) of vegan margarine in my hand luggage from Bristol to Berlin and nobody even said anything. I was not gonna throw that out if I didn't have to.

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