New adidas Predator Mania 19 – what's going on?

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adidas Predator Mania 19 football boots – in today’s Tech Talk, JayMike takes a closer look at the brand new remake and fusion football boots that is the adidas Predator Mania 19 ADV – ONLY 1,500 pairs in the World. Fusing the old school adidas Predator Mania with the modern day adidas Predator 19+ football boots, this interesting looking boot is not a remake, but instead gives people the look of the Mania with modern technology from 2019 on these highly limited edition football boots. Football boot nerds have been screaming for a Predator Mania remake from adidas for some years now, and in today’s video we’ll take a look at the latest remake of the Predator Mania, the new Predator Mania 19 ADV football boots to give you an idea about what the deal is, why there’s both a black 19+ and a white 19.1 and why Fusionskin from the COPA20+ plays a big role. These are probably the most confusing football boots of 2019 – and today, JayMike will tell you why.

BUY THE PREDATOR MANIA 19 ADV BOOTS HERE: you contribute with subtitles, titles or descriptions leave your name here, and we will make sure that the world knows who helped grow the unisportlife experience!

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  1. Steven Kee 2 weeks ago

    It's still a complete waste of time & money with no added value. Please bring back to the real Predator.

  2. GoonerKIRK. 2 weeks ago

    I got the Gold blue Predators. 19+ all day!! Even though the gold flakes off

  3. Behnyy 2 weeks ago

    you just not gon show us you playing with them??? wtf jaymike

  4. Erik Pando 2 weeks ago

    Is it good enough for people with wide feet

  5. NQ 2 weeks ago

    Precixion is bte

  6. Kenny Simbayi 2 weeks ago

    Damn Youtube has been hiding these videos again

  7. Andrew Rusnak 2 weeks ago

    Lowkey look real comfy

  8. Funes 2 weeks ago


  9. Niels Van Saane 2 weeks ago

    Do you thibk that these wil last more seasons then the normale 19+ becausw of the leahter?

  10. Danny Villamizar 2 weeks ago

    these laceless or the copa 20 laceless

  11. vnomlaser 2 weeks ago

    who bought this just because they're a fan of predator ?

  12. baby Yoda • 28 years ago 2 weeks ago

    Hopefully the predator 20.2 will have a foldover tongue and strap. Just like the copa gloro 19.2

  13. D H 2 weeks ago


  14. Jonathan Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Why not a proper 1:1 remake….. original TRX stud pattern as well, i miss bladed studs

  15. big boy club 2 weeks ago


  16. Diarmaid O Leary 2 weeks ago

    It looks like a bad knock off

  17. Integrity Coop 2 weeks ago

    My favourite boots I ever owned, they failed again.

  18. Roxana Alvarado 2 weeks ago

    Happy holidays unisport

  19. Montemex23 2 weeks ago

    Never been a fan of these but I need Nike to stop playing around and retro the zoom total 90 II

  20. Rytesh Ghotane 2 weeks ago

    Adidas were good untill they decided to go tongue and laceless. I have just bought 1 tongue less/laceless boots and just wore once then gave it to my teammate. I have promised not to buy tongue less/laceless boot again. I go to amazon and ebay and buy old boots with tongue and laces and they come cheap as well 😂

  21. Hung Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    I want these so bad but im still stuck with the Copa 16.1s

  22. Balazs & Karin Heller Yoga & Wellbeing 2 weeks ago

    make more elastico videos

  23. Angela Adagala 2 weeks ago

    I love it

  24. thehocuspocus9 2 weeks ago

    Jay keeps sugarcoating a trash pair of boots like how my girl keeps going back to her ex.

  25. Timmy Bucky 2 weeks ago

    Guys i need you to recommend me boots that make me stable while i am running. Coz my old boots is really unstable and it cause me sprained ankle too many times

  26. C CS 2 weeks ago

    Can you test the new yellow Nike Merlin used in the premier league

  27. MMA태권도 2 weeks ago

    목소리 듣기 거북 ;;;;

  28. Wyatt N. 2 weeks ago

    “I don’t really feel anything…”
    -Jay Mike 2019

  29. Hugo Thaxter 2 weeks ago

    You can hear the disappointment in Jays voice

  30. Julioalexis Bustillos 2 weeks ago

    I think these should’ve been the preds we got as a general release 🤷🏿‍♀️

  31. Ralph Perez 2 weeks ago

    Where can I buy a pair of the black ones

  32. Angel Fabian 2 weeks ago

    Obviously they didn't make them 1 to 1 because those drop Saturday duhhhhh!!!

  33. KNIGHT 2 weeks ago

    Please can you donate me goalkeeper gloves for Christmas like gift please because i didn't have money to buy it i am poor


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