NEW iPad Pro & MacBook Air (2020) – 25 Things You Didn't Know!

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36 thoughts on “NEW iPad Pro & MacBook Air (2020) – 25 Things You Didn't Know!

  1. Stay safe! Even if you think you are immune, there have been many 18-30 year olds that are in critical condition. Also, even if you are fine, you might still be a carrier! Stay safe

  2. dear apple, please convince me why i would need a new macbook unless we’re gaming (but even then, i game on my imac not my macbook LOL)

  3. Thank you so much for this! I was pretty close to buying the new iPad Pro, but I’m definitely gonna wait until November now

  4. It is not so easy with wifi 6 – in the used intel gen you have to implement a controller (20-30bugs expensive) to be able to use it.

  5. I have the 2018 iPad Pro and its a beauty. Most apps aren’t fast enough to keep up with this one yet. Why get a faster one now? Who actually uses the camera on the iPad? Maybe the Nov 2020 IPad Pro will be worth the upgrade. We’re pretty much getting the 2019 IPad Pro late.

  6. It isn't good for students, because it doesn't have adobe illustrator and acrobat standard dc. Which may not be important to most, but in Australia students need these two apps for school. This is why I'm buying the new macbook air for my son.

  7. As much as I’d like the iPad keyboard it’s just not worth it. The Logitech keyboard from 2018 is perfect and the trackpad on the Pro 11 looks tiny. I’m sticking with my current setup and have ordered a space grey Magic Trackpad 2, at least I can use that with my other Apple stuff.

  8. What I know about the new iPad pro is that it’s a pointless refresh and you should wait for the drop later this year. The new iPad Pro has an A12z which I’m sure was covered in the this video. Theoretical benchmarks put it as performing only 8% better than the 2018 model. The new one dropping later this year is rumored to include the new a14 chip. The one actually worth my money…..just my .02

  9. Do you know if the November model will be both in the 11 and 12.9 inch size? Heard a rumor that it was only going to be the 12.9 inch. Was looking into purchasing a new ipad pro but I might be able to wait until November if it will come out in the 11 inch model as well.

  10. Do you know if the new iPad keyboard will be foldable completely to the back, so you can still use the iPad to write with the pencil? If is not possible, then would be too expensive to actually lose one feature over the ones we are gaining.

  11. …but if you think it doesn’t feel real, why do you THINK it is?
    Follow your intuition.
    Or at least look at the official epidemiological numbers…

  12. Now, do you really say "unveeled" on purpose or are you just not aware how it is said? I keep hearing you say it and I am sure if it is to get people to comment more! In case you are not trolling us all, a 'veil' ( pronounced 'Vale') is a sort of face covering. When you take it off you are unveiled. I think you mixing it up with reveal and making it "unveel".

    I have only wanted to say this for the past 3 years, now it is off my chest

  13. I want to upgrade to a pro from an iPad 6th gen—is the refurb 2018 for $699 the best way to go right now? What deals are you guys getting?

  14. Do you know anything about the late 2020 iPad Pro? I’m wondering if I should hold off getting the new one till it comes out…

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