Nightcore – Alone – (Marshmello)

Nightcore – Marshmello – Alone [Monstercat Release]
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41 thoughts on “Nightcore – Alone – (Marshmello)

  1. Theres nothing like home
    theres only a adventure and a journey
    this is why reality is created……The reason why reality is created is this to take care and explore that the father created
    Everyone is not always alone in this confusing world….
    in this confusing abyss….
    in this confusing planets….
    in this confusing reality

    all we know is that we were created for a reason…we might dont know the reason
    but i think in the after life the creator will tell us❤


  2. Música maus top munta gente sor gosta de funk AFF eu prefiro músicas eletrônica do que funk os funk de hj sor fala enmoralidade eu AMO MÚSICA ELETRÔNICA 🙂 💜💛💟👍✌

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