Ninh Binh, Vietnam – where amazing manmade temples & pagodas match the picturesque landscapes. As we spent our time exploring the Ninh Binh province, we were amazed at the scenery here – the mountains jutting out of the land and the lush rivers flowing through is unmatched in beauty. This peaceful city rests in North Vietnam and is similar to Ha Long Bay but instead of the sea running between the mountains, there are lush green rice fields.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out our drone video highlighting Ninh Binh in 4K here! —

Follow us along as we explore the Trang An River Tour, climb the lying dragon mountain of Hang Mua, and visit the amazing Bai Dinh Pagoda which houses the largest buddha statue in Vietnam.
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21 thoughts on “NINH BINH, VIETNAM | HA LONG ON LAND – Top Things to do

  1. Ninh Binh really is the coolest place. I made a drone video of the temple, would love if you could tell me what you think!

  2. Great footage and dialogue. We are now just planning our trip to SE Asia in Mar-May 2020. Have planned 3 full days (not counting travel to and from) in Ninh Binh to visit Mua Caves, Bich Dong, Hang Mua and now Bai Dinh Pagoda. Looking for some advice as to where to base ourselves and how best to get around once there. Looking at either Ninh Binh Town or Na Trang but completely open to suggestions (1st timers to the area). Any other advice as to accommodation, eating etc also welcome. Will follow your travels with much interest so keep up the great content. Ron

  3. Just look for references vacation in Ninh Binh, and I am out of focus to see the way you took the pic and video. So skillful with the tools and make a steady, beauty and scenic view. Waw.

  4. Love this video! Would I be able to use some of the footage in a social video post for our website the Culture Trip? Please contact me at for more info. Thanks!

  5. Ông lái đò có đôi mắt gớm quá , lúc ông ấy ngước nhìn , đôi mắt nhìn như sát thủ , thật mất cảm tình , làm mất đi vẻ thân thiện của người VIỆT NAM .😩😩😩

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