42 thoughts on “Ninja Fortnite Best Moments

  1. RIP TotalBiscuit not only the face of twitch emotes (LUL, OMEGALUL) but an absolute legend in the gaming industry and helped out many small indie developers such as Warframe you will be missed but never forgotten Rest easy bud

    Taken from Reddit if you don't know who TB is:

    He's also one of the original net neutrality supporters, he made a video that made it to the top of YouTube trending, before they changed that tool to make it for movie advertising.

    He was one of the people who would go into the settings of games he reviewed before going into game-play, thus causing many game developers to expand on PC game options.

    He never accepted direct donations on twitch or on YouTube even though many asked him to enable it.

    He fought and spread awareness about how the lootbox gaming method and p2w games will ruin the industry.

    He fough for gaming critics to be able to receive a preview copy before launch so they can release their reviews with launch and don't feel pressured to quickly type bad reviews for clicks.

    He fought against fake DMCA claims on the internet.

    He was a man that acknowledged his bias if there ever was one.

    He strongly pushed for better performance in video games.

  2. I miss this ninja so much. He was so enthused and actually happy to be playing and entertaining people. Now it seems like a job he’s forced to do. Always upset about something. Always snapping at someone in the chat. Rarely smiles anymore. Looks drained, sick, and tired. Even on the days that he’s happy it’s still nowhere near the level of enjoyment he shows here in this video. 😢

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