I compare the brand new NMD XR1 PK to the original NMD R1 so you know which one to pick up!

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22 thoughts on “NMD XR1 VS NMD R1 COMPARISON

  1. Anybody else have the problem where the back part of the R1 digs into your Achilles heel?? How do you fix it it’s so uncomfortable!

  2. well its good to know i made the mistake of buying a size up and now they are kinda big. but at least i'm only 15 years old and can hopefully just grow some bigger feet 😀

  3. Question/opinion on sizing-
    See a pair of XR1 online I want but comes in a 10.5us. My TTS is 11.5(R2, UltraBoost, Nike) I go down .5 size for NMD R1 & XR1 pairs I have, which have some space in the toes & heel, not snug. Would going a full size down from my TTS 11.5 be too snug or small for the XR1?

  4. I can see why the R1 is more popular. But that's part of the reason I'm more drawn to the XR1. The design is kinda futuristic and a bit less commonly seen around. I personally prefer a shoe that's a bit less hyped – the reason being if you go for a stroll out in R1's every other guy you walk past is gonna be wearing a pair too…

  5. On the XR1 if you slide your foot back into the little heel thing and retie your shoe, it locks your heel in place and makes it fit much better

  6. I got the NMD r1 with the glitch grey colorway size 9 kinda small for me now but still cool this christmas i'll buy an NMD xr1 Triple white 🙂 I like both.

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