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50 thoughts on “NOT WORTH $80? – ADIDAS X 18.3 REVIEW + ON FEET

  1. Thank you for your efforts .. I wanted you to choose a good shoe for me for someone who plays in the position of defender at a price of no more than $ 80

  2. I buyed them. Played half season adidas stickers both came off the black part ripped im telling you guys not worth buying !

  3. i found them on sale for €35 from €80.honestly i love them.they are what i believe the best takedown from adidas

  4. I have 18.3 and tbh there so comfy and I’m not just saying that because I have them they are rlly comfy I would recommend

  5. The first time I wore these I got tackled and the laces broke😂does feel very nice though

  6. Going to play in my office inter department match next week, so I shop around for cheap cleats that I'd be wearing probably once every 3 months at most..

    the nearest local mall near me only have X 18.3 on sale for around $45 , some 4th grade Puma Ones and Nike Vapor 12 club for around $30

    and that's how I ended up with one of this.. hopefully it won't perform very badly

  7. As I got these 50%off I'm really happy. I personally don't experience the heel issue but maybe that's because I'm used it from owning older aces but yes I do agree about the stitching.

  8. Can u please explain what is difference between adidas nemesis tango turf verison and adidas nemesis messi turf version 18.3 ? they both look alike but what's tango verison then ?what's that , plz explain

  9. Got them on sale at 47€ and I am pretty happy for this. Very lightweight boot, hard to wear because of the not so elastic sock part, but protects the achilles tendon pretty well. Also ball control is nice and stability is very good even on wet artificial grass. For the money I spent they are op…

  10. i have one 18.3, and its an good boot the only thing i dont liked its the heel its too hard for me, but the uper its good, the tongue its ok,
    for me this boot is a 6,5/10

  11. What I found about them when I wore them was it being so comfortable and it felt very soft and relaxing wearing them while playing. Control and passing with the boots is good den pendant on how skilled you are at it. In conclusion, buy it if you have trouble with boots being uncomfortable and irritating. Take note that other options of boots are out there and these boots are not the best, they just have a specific element of comfort you may not find in any other boot.

  12. On sale for $39 Rn, are they worth that much (for a beginnerish player playing for his high school team)?

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