ONE PUNCH MAN WebComic Chapter 117 (ENGLISH SUB)

Flashy Flash & Speed o’ Sound Sonic vs All The Ninjas!
One-Punch man [Webcomic] 117:

Paginas de ONE y WebComic!

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One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series based on the webcomic created by One and its subsequent manga adaptation illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

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42 thoughts on “ONE PUNCH MAN WebComic Chapter 117 (ENGLISH SUB)

  1. The saitama effect really made sonic stronger than before, he's mentally trained by saitama's presense, attacks and words. Exciting character development by sonic

  2. The comic also talks about ninja academy where they train student to be emotionless , just in case like saitama. Pretty clever writing👍

  3. One of the ninja elders thought Flash and Sonic can Attack so well together because they have trained together before. Well that’s only half right… they Attack so well because both of them have tasted true power FIGHTING SAITAMA

  4. I noticed this is missing the panel of Sonic saying he trained to copy Saitama's Serious Side-Hops attack after Saitama used it on him around the time Fubuki made her appearance.

  5. Seems kind of strange to me that the Ninjas here are all just Demon level. I would have thought the hierarchy would have had ninjas matching or even surpassing Flashy Flash but I guess not. Definitely the Ninja Leader at the end right there.

  6. Creo q one algún día se hará un experto dibujando y murata se queda sin trabajo jajaja buen vídeo 😃

  7. maldicion no me habia dado cuenta que ahi esta al final, ahi esta el jefe de los ninjas viendo todo listo para entrar en combate

  8. hola tengo una pregunta amigo, la musica que usas tiene derechos de autor o es de uso lire y si es de uso libre me peudes dar los links donde la coseguistes por que me gusta para usarla en mi canal de youtube

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