Our AMAZING Hotel in Suzhou & Tongli Water Town

Arriving in Suzhou felt like such a luxury. After 3 days of sweaty hiking and sleep deprivation we were relieved to get some much needed rest and recovery time. I might have…lost it a bit…when we arrived at our gorgeous hotel, the Pan Pacific Suzhou. We had a great time exploring several Suzhou gardens and go to the Tongli Water Town which is often compared to Venice because of the quaint canals and old buildings.

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**Equipment Used**
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Canon 5d Mark IV
GoPro Hero 6

Endeavor by Jahzzar
Oblivion by Ilya Marfin


26 thoughts on “Our AMAZING Hotel in Suzhou & Tongli Water Town

  1. I had that type of fish in Suzhou as well. Although that was not in the old city like Claire did. I had it in some high class restaurant they recommended me.
    The cuisine is sweet as hell.

    The fruit you ate looks more like hawthorn than tomato. Its covered with sugar. Think of it as the Chinese equivalent to a toffee apple you eat at fun fairs.

  2. "No. 1 risk of death in China is from cars", that's literally true 😂, and it is a shame. I hope we can do better about that, I heard some cities like Hangzhou, the drivers will be fined if they don't yield to pedestrians.

  3. Well, actually, you are visiting the best city in China historically. There is an old saying, 上有天堂,下有苏杭。Heaven is up the sky, and Suzhou & Hangzhou is on the ground.

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