Parts of Speech: Noun, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs etc – Basic English Grammar

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In this video, Alisha answers 4 questions.
– Which one of these sentences is correct: “Are you mad with me?” or “Are you mad at me?”.
– What is the difference between “but” and “yet”? Explain please…
– I have a question about similar words which start the same. For example, simultaneous, simultaneously, simulation. How do I understand these kinds of words and how do I use them?
– I don’t know how to use “in order to”. Can you help me?

You’ve got questions about life in the United States, American culture, or any English related questions you don’t want to sift through textbooks for the answer? Your favourite English teacher Alisha takes the questions you’ve been asking and lay them out in an easy-to-follow format. Turn those question marks into exclamation points and get on with your English study. Interact with Alisha to clear up any confusion you have or just satisfy your curiosity. Not only you’ll be able to send questions but also power up your language with your free lifetime account. Learning English is made easy for you.

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  1. Bijoy Sarkar 5 days ago

    Can anyone say how to edit videos like this?

  2. muhammad ismail 5 days ago

    Please mam

  3. muhammad ismail 5 days ago

    Hi alisha are you explain me that what is the difference between present participle and gerend

  4. Mujahid Hussain 5 days ago

    Hi alish love you

  5. fatiha adwi 5 days ago

    ' but means only ' the phrase sounds weird .thanks a lot .

  6. chaymae bounouar 5 days ago

    HI I have a real problem withe adjective and adverb phrases could you please help me

  7. Arbab khan Khan 5 days ago

    Hii Alisha can u tell me about uses of a ,an ,the and at Nd on ,in

  8. Berkant Ünal 5 days ago

    You're causing nothing but problem (you're causing nothing different than a problem)

  9. Turi Saab 5 days ago

    Oh I see it as well but the problem s country way line on design president speakers online marketing manager at your city in world history and culture and relationship between cigarette lighter than we have world is full on discussion with Elisha teacher at school tomorrow morning and will have the following world working on

  10. Socrates In Chains 5 days ago

    Obviously you are wholly unaware that you are illiterate.

    1) It is a biological fact, that you cannot have any more than 2 parts of speech.
    2 You cannot name any thing at all.

    But being illiterate, you never understood, Plato, your own body, or the Bible.

    Try to see if you can understand a computer.

    What is a conjugate binary pair?
    How can a computer process any grammar, logical or analogical?

    What is the power of Language?

  11. Mayank Kansara 5 days ago

    What is difference between "of course and off course" ?

  12. Francois CHIROL 5 days ago


  13. HVVIDYA HV 5 days ago

    Hi Alisha my name is samudyatha from India my question is what is the difference between the singular and plural

  14. selamin yenafiku ke abye wedaya mado 5 days ago

    I should be leave early so in order to not late for class

  15. علي الحسني 5 days ago

    Thank you

  16. Ricardo Sérgio 5 days ago

    Please talk about hotel vocabulary.

  17. selamin yenafiku ke abye wedaya mado 5 days ago

    I believe you, you will be help me so I can fallow you

  18. Lily Kamei 5 days ago

    But and yet are different. But is used mostly for comparison.
    Yet is used to add something more positive to the sentence.

  19. Sambath Sem 5 days ago

    Hi Alisha I am love so much your teaching English my English now better than before after I try more and more to listen your VIDO

  20. Mahmoud Ahmed 5 days ago

    I like this type of videos.

  21. karim gad 5 days ago

    Hello Alisha can you teach me online?

  22. elias alvarado 5 days ago

    I am learning a lot from u. Lovely teacher.

  23. Shambhu Choubey 5 days ago


  24. Marco Fialho 5 days ago

    Congrats on the video!
    Learning English?
    The book is yours!
    'Irregular Verbs.The Ultimate Guide'/ Amazon.

  25. Achala Karunanayake 5 days ago

    Understandable thxs from 🇱🇰

  26. all type of game 5 days ago


  27. Rza Jefri 5 days ago

    Nice thx teacher 👍

  28. Amen ZT 5 days ago

    Hello Alisha what website questions to you

  29. rotha keang 5 days ago

    Good explanation

  30. rotha keang 5 days ago

    Hi teacher 👩‍🏫

  31. Omid Didar 5 days ago

    Hi dear Alisha wish you all the best. & thank you so much for your nice lessons. If is it possible please make a lesson about. Ever. Never. And either, or. And neither nor. Thank you.

  32. - Flabber666 5 days ago

    👍 Alisha, ur the best English teacher.

  33. Lily Mathias 5 days ago

    Hi Alisha! i am from Brazil. I am learning english with you. Now i am very happy because i can understand you. Thank you so much.

  34. Basant Khanal 5 days ago

    Is that seriously too.

  35. ٍMr.Nawaf 5 days ago

    Hello Alisha, How to improve my Writeing Skill at Home?

  36. Edilson Martins 5 days ago

    Hi Alisha. I'd like to ask a question in this series, but I don't know how I can do it .

  37. Abdullah Yayla 5 days ago

    Thanks for all the precious informations 👍

  38. Nourhan Nadi22 5 days ago

    Thanks a lot

  39. Milton Paz 5 days ago


  40. Alexandre Dourado 5 days ago

    I sense sometimes what people are feeling around me! That's true.

  41. الإسلام الإيمان بالله 5 days ago

    My name is Amani
    I am from Egypt
    I hear you every day and understand most of your words
    And I hear foreign movies and songs but l do not understand a lot of words and
    Because they speak quickly and delete many many letters in pronunciation
    But you speak little slowly and I understand your words

  42. Mohammed Sadaq 5 days ago

    Your explanation is very good and understandable thanks a lot

  43. Julio Martinez 5 days ago

    This video was very professionally explained that's how I love lisa alone videos. Thank you lisa

  44. Sachin Bhalerao 5 days ago

    Thanks for your efforts …. Which you are taking for usb💐💐💐


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