Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Mall Pickup EARLY!! + Review & On Feet!!

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37 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Mall Pickup EARLY!! + Review & On Feet!!

  1. Bro. A question. What does the strobble board of the tennis Hu's looked like? Is it like the sack-like material or is it like the pelt-like material?

  2. What's the name of the shoe again?

    I'm really liking your videos man the vibe of it all
    It's calm and friendly
    And inviting good content man, good content.

  3. One question though why the laces dont have black stripes in them? Or is it because of the color way?? I thought that all tennis hu laces have black stripes in the tip of the laces??

  4. Lol the guy that works at finishline buying yeezys from his store instead of raffling them to customers that's wack as hell

  5. I'm kind of a "new" sneakerhead (the nmd, herrachies and air Max bug bit me about 4-5 months ago lol)… After watching a few of your vids and seeing how you've continued on even after your house burned down (prayers up bro), mad respect and your channel is the truth. Hold ya head bro! It can't rain all the time. Subbed

  6. Could anyone tell me how I can clean my tennis hu, it's gotten pretty dirty and using my shoe brushes and cleaner I think i'm destroying the mesh material of it.

  7. Thomas Tha Franchise we right there. I tried these on in the icy blue colorway last week in Footlocker. Decided on the 11.5 (1/2 sz down too). I didn't leave with them though because I wanted to wait on a coupon. Will probably cop today. The way you laced them looks dope too. I might try that out. One thing you didn't mention though, when I tried them on, they were tight around the front of the ankle, did you have the same experience?
    And if so, did it stretch out (as I assume it will)? Anyway, thanks as always for the dope review.

  8. Late to comment but I got a pair today and idk if they're pk. On it says it's a knit but doesn't say pk like any other pk shoe. Can Thomas or anyone else help confirm this?

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