Phil Keoghan: "The Amazing Race" | Talks at Google

Talks at Google hosted Phil Keoghan, host and a producer of CBS’s ten-time Emmy Award-winning reality series, THE AMAZING RACE, for a talk on April 17th, 2017.

Join in as Phil takes us inside The Amazing Race with behind-the-scenes stories and highlights. The beloved reality show kicks off the 29th season this year as 11 teams of strangers pair up to run the race of a lifetime and compete for the $1 million prize.

The talk also covers Phil’s new documentary, LE RIDE. Le Ride shares the story of four young men from Australia and New Zealand who competed in the 1928 Tour de France, considered by many as the toughest sporting event in the world. Phil and his wingman Ben Cornell took on the biggest physical and mental challenge of their lives, attempting to recreate the route on vintage steel bikes, with no gears.

The talk was hosted by Cindy Halvorsen (a Googler and Winner of Season 19 of The Amazing Race).

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18 thoughts on “Phil Keoghan: "The Amazing Race" | Talks at Google

  1. WHY do they pick such undeserving, nasty, whiny, people like BROOKE from Season 29?

    It's REPULSIVE that a person so despicable would be given a chance to win $1,000,000.

    I have lost so much respect for The Amazing Race and CBS because they have allowed an absolute cunt like BROOKE to be on the show.

  2. As I'm watching this podcast, whenever a subject comes up, the camera pans to an audience member who seeemingly fits the subject matter on hand. Coincidence much?

  3. Wow…this is Cindy from TAR 19? I remember watching her season way back when. Super glad she's the one interviewing Phil.

  4. Hey sponsorship to those of us without a voice and from economically depressed (deliberate) neighborhoods imperialist Google

  5. Phil is a loquacious guy – almost the opposite of the robotic, terse man on the Amazing Race. The female host was not very good and rather annoying. Cheers.

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