Adidas Superstar shoes are one of the most iconic shoes on the market today. Introduced in 1969 and made a comeback around 2014 Adidas Superstar shoes I I truly one of the most popular shoes on the market today. Unfortunately you have to be careful when purchasing a pair of these shoes because there are a lot of fake shoes on the market and especially on different sites on the internet that you have to be careful about buying. In this video we will discuss and go over the differences and show you with a real pair of Adidas Superstar shoes and a fake pair of Adidas Superstar shoes what the differences are and how spot a fake pair when making your purchase. Hopefully this video will be helpful in your quest to purchase and authentic pair of Adidas Superstar shoes. Please be careful when purchasing these shoes so that you do not get taken advantage of and get stuck with a low quality fake shoe that will not last and be uncomfortable



  1. Thanks for your efforts.
    I just recognized the holes much bigger in the fake one.

    The question, how if you buy it online and the seller posted the original picture?

  2. The ones you are calling "fake" are NOT. They are the Adidas Superstar Bold Platforms shoes !!
    You really should be more informed before you make a video like this.

  3. This guy is correct there r so manh fake superstar shoes in the market nd on internet as well if u dont beleive me check it out on u ll see fake superstar shoes there arourd $20

  4. Need help..

    Ok so my friend says my adidas are fake…

    They don’t have the clover in the or in the front it only says adidas..

    My mom paid 80$ at shoe carnival btw..

    Are they fake?

  5. Might consider comparing a real and a fake for a real vs fake comparison 😂. That’s like comparing two versions of yeezy and saying one is fake lmao

  6. * Why am I watching this? Why is anyone watching this? It is literally painful to watch this guy stumble his way through sorting the differences between knockoffs and legit adidas SS. A lot of it sounds almost made up as he goes along. Most amusing, anyhow. And there are a number of reasons why an authentic adidas shoe could have a price tag hanging off one of its eyelets… Winners gets adidas shoes in from time to time and they tag everything they sell. Their entire motto is "we sell brand names for less" ( ). They sell brand name gear for less when fashion outlets can't get rid of their stock. They always leave the MSRP tag on and you can literally compare in hand with what they're selling it for. Anywho, what the sh!t? Are people that tied up in whether something is adidas or not? Their shoe quality has gone way downhill over the past few years. Their shoes are made specifically for narrow feet. The soles of the shoes, unique pattern or not, is cheap. Don't get me wrong, there are some killer looking adidas SS kicks out there… But they're way overpriced for the quality of shoe you're really getting. There are some great looking shoes out there that aren't adidas and with way more selection. Puma makes some slick kicks, Etnies, lots of DC shoes are sweet looking, Nike's, and a whole bunch more, I'm sure. Come on, man… Don't get caught up in this nonsense. Be your own person and where the shoes that you genuinely like and feel comfortable in.

  7. Yea but you got to look at the serial# model# people if it dont match their fake! Its obvious the pair he showing is fake ..due to that!

  8. Lol go to the china website you will find all kinds of knockoffs ..adidas nike so on on..everything some you cant tell but. Its obvious because of price!

  9. Brother man, please do your research before you do some fake news comparisons…

  10. Why would these be faked? I've literally seen them on sale at an Adidas outlet for $40. My old Superstars were worn out and uncomfortable. The new pairs being sold said "SUPERSTAR" on the side in gold which I didn't like. I bought a similar looking pair of Cloudfoam Advantage which has leather in place of where the rubber on the toes are which with age dirty a different color than the leather. The Cloudfoam Advantage are also more comfortable but hopefully the insoles won't wear quickly as they did on another similar pair I bought previously.

  11. I was literally holding my adidas superstar shoes while watching this video, then pause the vid and check my shoes. Then i turned out comparing here like a jerk. Just making sure thou

  12. I jave a pair of 2017 addidas goldstar volc they are a moderne version the logo on the back is imbosed gold, wel stiched with blue adopriene rubber soles with thegood tred with the adidas logo on the rubber with no gold star on the side of theshoe and the gold logo in the tong

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