ReverseParenthese | CodeFights Intro Algorithm JavaScript Solution and Breakdown

ReverseParenthesis | CodeFights Intro Algorithm JavaScript Solution and Breakdown
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9 thoughts on “ReverseParenthese | CodeFights Intro Algorithm JavaScript Solution and Breakdown

  1. I tried it without regex, something like this

    const reverseParentheses1 = str => {
    if(!str.includes('(')) return str;
    let subStr = str;
    let revStr = '';
    subStr = subStr.substring(subStr.indexOf('(') + 1, subStr.indexOf(')') + 1);
    subStr = '(' + subStr;
    revStr = subStr.substring(1, subStr.length – 1).split('').reverse().join('');
    str = str.replace(subStr, revStr)
    return reverseParentheses1(str);

  2. We can try using Stack data structure as it has Last In First Out property. Which is useful during reversal of anything.

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