Review: Y-3 QASA High Triple Black + On-Feet

Yo … Hi!

The infamous Y-3 QASA High Triple Black … That’s pretty much it! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to give it a Like, let me know what you think about the shoes or how you would wear them in the comment section down below and subscribe if you want to … Merci!

Music: James Blake – Retrogade (CloZee Remix)

I do not own any of the music in this video for copyright purposes.

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16 thoughts on “Review: Y-3 QASA High Triple Black + On-Feet

  1. awesome man! i really want this shoes, but im a bit on confused about the sizing.
    i wear air jordan 1 9.5/10 US, what size should i cop for qasa high? could you give some tips? thanks bruh!

  2. are you indian? anyway your videos are awesome ! really like to watch your video for fashion advice , keep up the good work bro ! 🙂

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