Rich The Kid Says No Goats Were Harmed In the Making Of His Album Cover

Rich The Kid describes his new album ‘Boss Man,’ talks wanting to make a singing album featuring The Weeknd, acting, being a father and what’s to come!


40 thoughts on “Rich The Kid Says No Goats Were Harmed In the Making Of His Album Cover

  1. Why he look so much happier in this than in the DJ Vlad interview… why do rappers fake happy for Angie Martinez

  2. I like how every artist who comes here respects the interviewer way more then every other interviewer because Angie gives off good vibes and makes u feel comfortable 💯

  3. The World Is Yours 2 was flamesss to me. The intro alone was better than the whole of Bossman. Wasn’t a fan of the project at all 🥴

  4. Why u hating on boss man ??? The album is I think his best lyrically. Overall a good vibe. Rich the kid underrated.

  5. Angie Martinez remind me of the cool ass auntie that u could smoke weed around n talk 2 about anything 😂😩❤️💯

  6. The world is yours 1&2 were both really good. But I’m not feelin this new joint tho. I think he took a step back imo

  7. I feel bad for him, he thinks a bunch of songs are going to be massive hits but it’s just not the case. Other than the one with a little baby I don’t see people really coming back to it

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