Sarah's Scribbles – Me Time

Sarah’s Scribbles enjoys me time. New animation from Sarah’s Scribbles.

“Sarah”: Katie Scarlett
Animator: Valerie Paykov
Music: John Hunter
Post Super: Mike Welch
Producer: Tim Peternel

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“Herding Cats:”
“Big Mushy Happy Lump:”
“Adulthood is a Myth:”


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40 thoughts on “Sarah's Scribbles – Me Time

  1. O-m-g. I love her comics and im so happy that shes keeping doing this! I've been in touch with her work so many years since only got a couple of cómics in tumblr. I'm so proud. :')

  2. Not bad at all. Love to see more. Animation and voise acting was good. Movements had a nice bounce and flow but still had enough weight. Overall mood was cute and pleasant but timing could use some work.

    I think the (lack of a better term) story would have better rhythm if the arguing with myself was the last part as it is the most different. If this was the odder then I would put “me + me” at the start and “good time” at the end to be sort of a ending joke. Also the animation would get more attention if the panel explanation was after the animation instead before it. This way the audience would have time to guess what going on and so have a small rice of tension before release. I believe these would improve the impact this animation has and give a better story flow.

  3. Feking goos, i love all the music and sound effects are made by just voice. Its like a toddlers cartoons for adults

  4. This is TOTALLY what people do! I sing loud in the car, I know I don't sing well, but damnit it's MY TIME! This is great!

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