Sarah's Scribbles – Progress

Sarah’s Scribbles comes to life in this animated short about breaking out of your comfort zone.

“Sarah”: Katie Scarlett
Animator: Valerie Paykov
Music: John Hunter
Post Super: Mike Welch
Producer: Tim Peternel

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“Herding Cats:”
“Big Mushy Happy Lump:”
“Adulthood is a Myth:”


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45 thoughts on “Sarah's Scribbles – Progress

  1. Just when I thought her comics couldn't get any cuter, this happens! The little intro and outro themes are the total definition of cute. Sarah's big silly eyes look cute as ever. And the voice for Sarah is 100% CUTE! 🙂 It is so heartwarming to see the world of Sarah's Scribbles come to life! Fantastic job all around!

  2. These animations so far are super cute! 🙂 I'm thrilled to see more. Hehe. You know what I would LOVE to see someday? A Sarah's Scribbles Cartoon Series!! 😀 With Sarah voiced by her real self. That would be amazing! And I'm sure lots of people would adore it! <3

  3. Does this animation itself count as the same message as Sarah's scribbles being animated in the first place? Of course, it's a rather huge leap from comics to animation but I'm just saying maybe art reflects real life so closely in this situation.

  4. And then you just widen the comfort zone by that tiny little bit, because it doesn't make you uncomfortable anymore. Yep!

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