so much going on..Jake Paul posts Insta with ex Alissa Violet and Tana Mongeau goes off social media

Tana Mongeau is taking a break from social media and is Jake Paul to blame?
She posted on her Instagram yesterday what appears to be a picture of the cloudy sky and wrote, “i think i’m gonna take a few day break from socials. for my brain…ALL LOVE to everyone in my life & zero shade to ANYONE…”” She went on to say she doesn’t want to pretend to be happy when she’s not and she’d rather be authentic for her fans so she’s gonna take this time for herself and encourages others to do the same. Now, it appears Jake is turning up the drama. He tweeted a photo of cover art for his song coming out on December 13th called “These Days”. Yesterday, Jake confirmed that the song would be “what I never got to say” to Alissa Violet as he tweeted that with an old picture of #Jalissa about to kiss.

it’s a messy break up…Alissa Violet reacts with a Twitter rant to FaZe Banks cheating on her –

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35 thoughts on “so much going on..Jake Paul posts Insta with ex Alissa Violet and Tana Mongeau goes off social media

  1. Guess what Jake and Tydus Danny YouTube channel check it out I'm a friend and a fan subscribe to him I love you guys. Good night

  2. On Roblox I was Jake Paul why do you have no Robux it was so funny and Jake started crying we was watching my videos

  3. Jake really only dates celebreties for clout then he makes up stories and makes drama so i guess this is what he is planing to get back to alysa

  4. Tana is a foul mouthed hillbilly tramp a gold digger can see it on her frew an frew Logan was so rite not to like her

  5. Ok but I actually liked the old YouTube drama. With diss tracks and shit. This makes me confused but hopefully there's more drama.

  6. All jakes exes should go up to Jake and say he cheats when he has a new girlfriend cause I’m here after tana and Jake broke up

  7. I don’t think Alissa has anything to do with the song. I think Jake saw all the drama that was going on and decided to use the opportunity to turn the attention onto himself, which he’s known for.

  8. im dead she said in the beginning tana is taking a break not from jake or youtube from social media yt is a social media

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