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  1. The expense of a night stay in this paradise is equal to my 2½ month rent.

    You need 'fuck you' amounts of money to enjoy such experience.

  2. I noticed a lack of any wildlife near the bungalows or island. No fish, birds, etc., just humans. The dolphins seemed much further away, in deeper waters. Is this normal for the Maldives, or did the human factor drive away nature?

  3. Люксовый люкс конечно) но , как говорится и на Мальдивах и в Урюпинске едят яичницу на завтрак) это смешно)

  4. How long a stay do you need to firstly see the whole resort then to have that time-out to refresh n enjoy…3 or 5 days or repeat visits over time?

  5. Ma scusa se ho già commentato questo posto meraviglioso e vorrei sapere dove e andato a finire il mio già commento Ciao.

  6. Convencida de que ya estoy disfrutando junto a William de todas las maravillas del lugar…y sobretodas, del maravilloso mar !!!

  7. The peaceful fresh clear blue water dream looks liken an invitation to have a great look or an ego trip.
    The beatiful houses invite to have a good night. Without any soulfight. Wishd i could get there . It looks like a positiv painted picture and high resoluted soul relaxation for a soulfree moment in the now and here.

  8. Your visual style is extremely suitable to resorts you are filming… never been to such places but after watching this I have suddenly felt that I have been there for a moment. That's the Way to go!

  9. Simplesmente maravilhoso! Lugar lindo D+. Muito obrigada por postar. Se você pode sonhar, você pode realizar. Vamos sonha gente…sonhos lindos de paz, amor e prosperidade para todos nós.

  10. The only thing about this really bugging me is the pillow-backed seatings which got modern the last two decades. Looks fancy, but breaks your back. Having them even in the dining area is really bad lol. Delivering some ergonomy when seating the guests should be more important than looking posh only.

  11. Thank u so much for this amazing video tour of the magnificent maldives. Felt so real. In Gods perfect time, i will be able to experience swimming in this beautiful island of maldives. I accept all your blessings my dear God. Thank you!!!

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