Spider Man 3 (2007) – Saving Gwen Stacy (1080p) FULL HD

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21 thoughts on “Spider Man 3 (2007) – Saving Gwen Stacy (1080p) FULL HD

  1. I didn't realize how dumb this scene was when i first watched it. both of their reactions, so nonchalant. Oh gwen, at it again hanging off 50 story, collapsing buildings.

  2. Nobody:

    Literally nobody:
    *gwen comes closer to check the upcoming spinning metal that was about to hit the window*

  3. Sees constructional equipment coming at me trying to kill me
    Me: oh sh!t.
    Gwen Stacy: let's take a closer look shall we.

  4. Lol just came from this after watching qwen Stacy death in the newer movie. Kind of hilarious how people say the acting in that series is bad but this dudes daughter is about to die , doesnt seem too concerned 😂

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