45 thoughts on “Spider Man vs. Electro Final Fight – The Amazing Spider Man 2 [1080p HD]

  1. Who else remembers seeing 3:34 in the trailers? I remember the song being different (obviously cuz its a trailer) but with the music, it is so epic! Also, it's so cool seeing that Electro could shoot a electric blast, then turn into it

  2. Electro’s death would have been a lot sadder if the writers did this:

    As Spider-Man is writhing in pain and dying from Electro’s lightning, Electro stops and takes a step back, horrified of what he’s become. His idol (more importantly: one of the only people that gave a damn about him) is about to die an extremely painful death, just as he did during the eel attack. He knows pain better than most, and can’t bring himself to kill Spider-Man. A dialogue would occur between Electro and Spider-Man, with Spidey alluding to Uncle Ben’s message of “with great power comes great responsibility.”

    In this version, damaged during their battle, the power grid would need a big boost of energy to start up. With no immediate alternatives, Electro chooses to sacrifice himself for the greater good, despite him owing nothing to the world. Electro completes the circuit but is obliterated by the energy flowing through him (similar to his death in this scene).

  3. I don't know why people don't like these 2 movies or this Spider-man, he's my favorite, Electro might be my favorite Spider-man villain despite the fact I hate overconfident villains who call themselves gods, spider-man's suit is cool, the action and CGI is awesome, I liked this Gwen more than any MJ, ok sure there was hardly if any reference to Peter wanting to be a Photographer, he seemed more interested in becoming a scientist maybe and we saw nothing from the Daily Bugle, Flash wasn't intimidating(still better than the Indian Flash from the MCU, what they did is just a stupid choice)

  4. Max didn't deserve to die. He was a kind and honest person who was neglected by co-workers and his boss. He has every right to be mad.

  5. While the movie wasn’t great it at least has some great action scenes like all Spider-Man movies do including homecoming I CAN’T HEAR YOU YOU NAYSAYERS!!!!! LALALALA

  6. Shame this movie was poorly criticised, I can see its flaws but its Fights are absolutely fantastic, especially this one 😊 shame the film didn't have more 😝

  7. 0:04 Electro: You're too late Spider-Man, I designed this Power Grid. Now I'm going to take back what is rightfully mine. I will control everything, and I, will be like a God to them.

    Spider-Man: A God named Sparkles?

    Get's me every time.

  8. I gave this version of spiderman an honest shot, but both were just depressing. Spiderman was way to skinny w a giant head and a total tool. There are few things redeemable about either of Garfields portrayals of spiderman / peter. Best thing was watching him build his web shooters and thats about it.

  9. I really hate how they killed Electro, he turned evil because of how society treated him I wish they found a way to keep him still alive

  10. The reason I disliked the Andrew Garfield saga of the Spider-Man movies is because he can't fight a single villain himself. The most he's done by himself is save a kid from the Lizard in which almost died, and of course, beats up a bunch of thugs. That's 'bout it.
    The true superhero in the movies is basically Gwen Stacy.

  11. This is why Andrew Garfield was the best Spider-Man. He had the most accurate representation of a teenager, he’s flexible, fast and cool. He’s not clumsy or anything. Just Spider-Man.

  12. Why?? It would be better if Electro didn't die because he is special. I hate the way the Villains died.

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