Spider-Man vs Green Goblin – Final Fight Scene – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Movie CLIP HD

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin – Final Fight Scene – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Movie CLIP HD [1080p]

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33 thoughts on “Spider-Man vs Green Goblin – Final Fight Scene – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Movie CLIP HD

  1. People give these spidey movies a lot of flak, but too be honest, the second one was fairly decent. I think if they kinda dropped the whole, 'peter was the chosen one' and his parents were practically these secret agents its would've been pretty good. the end fight feels like it was ripped straight from a comic book, with the clock tower, full moon etc.

  2. You know what's wrong with this scene 2:57?
    If tobey's spiderman version was in this situation. He would shoot web on goblins face and kick him up then save gwen.
    Mehh..bad move andrew. Bad move…

  3. I mean seriously Gwen could've survived had she swung from side to side she could grabbed something on the walls like comeonnnnn

  4. This is an eh performance (much of the film itself’s fault) But I think Dane DeHaan would make an incredible young Joker 🃏

  5. Andrew spiderman version = with good ending. Tobey spiderman version = with good ending
    Tom spiderman version = with bad ending (coz secret got revealed)

  6. I know it's not in the scene but when Gwen arrives to help Peter I absolutely LOVE the sheer panic in his voice when he tells her you shouldn't be here. It helped perfectly set up this scene

  7. TASM2 was a great movie. People praised Infinity War for having the balls to end on a down-note with half of the universe dead but people hate on this movie for killing off a main character? Gwen's death was foreshadowed time and time again and was a logical consequence of Peter's actions. MCU Spiderman movies these days are just sunshine and rainbows.

  8. Did you know, Spiderman was originally going to kill Harry after gwen died, but the makers removed that scene bcoz it was violating

  9. Then I noticed her acting was horrible! Kirsten Dunst, Zendayo, Spider man 3 Gwen screamed like they were falling to their death but Emma Stone gives a gasp? Who does that? I know big strong men yell when they fall. That gasp is used when you rise up from water when you're about to drown.

  10. 0:25 I thought the Britains/English did a excellent job showing that small clip where Harry looks at Gwen then Spiderman, then Gwen, then Spiderman again. It shows that he is processing the information of how his friend betrays him. I remember the early 2000s or 1990s, they don't pay attention to the "small things" the "small details" like that and makes it look unrealistic. But this scene specifically. I'm impressed. I'm an American but I gotta admit, the Brits and English are extremely skilled with acting and directing. Maybe better than Americans.

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