*SPOILERS * ANTM cycle 22 finale

The dreaded end to not only the cycle but the series 🙁

I will have a Mame tribute, a finale random antm cycle 10 moments video and a special ANTM video up soon!

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20 thoughts on “*SPOILERS * ANTM cycle 22 finale

  1. Team Nyle forever i really wanted him to win the first moment i saw him he's just so adorable and nice and ugh just ….. perfect but mame was totally cool too.

  2. If my memory serves right, Nyle is the FIRST deaf person to ever won a reality show series. Similar analogy, a deaf contestant won the showcase in "The Price is Right" game show. 2nd place, a female deaf actress in Celeberty Apprentance, lost to Trace Adkins, a male country singer (both of them are in the final 2). It is so sad that the series came to an end.

  3. i'm so happy for nyle and i also like mame but the show edited her like a sore loser =.= what happened to the confident runner up moment 🙂

  4. I am also a huge fan of nyle I'm from the Philippines I'm glad he won,from the start of this cycle I've been rooting for nyle because he's not only gorgeous,he's a beautiful person,and an inspiring one

  5. I am a huge fan from the Philippines. I am so glad Nyle won! I cried my heart out with pure joy. I wasn't able to watch the full finale episode yet. Can someone good-hearted send me the link here please? Thank you. 😊

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