TAEYANG – ‘DARLING’ M/V @ Download on iTunes @ Download on AppleMusic …


28 thoughts on “TAEYANG – ‘WAKE ME UP’ M/V

  1. 솔직히 발매 당시엔 노래 별로라고 생각했는데,,
    이게 무슨 일,,,오랜만에 다시 들으니까 너무 좋고 난리ㅠㅠ

  2. This live song really3 good, youngbae voice is flawless …youngbae should post his songs on his ig more so that new vips know about this masterpiece

  3. Please come back till Dallas or Ft worth Texas! I've Been a fan since 2008❤ Taeyang❤ Big Bang❤ these other new kpop groups can't ever compare to them. Ever.

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