TALE OF THE DRAGON – All God Powers & Titan (Age of Mythology Extended Edition)

Tale of the Dragon the new DLC for Age of Mythology Extended Edition. This compilation shows all the new God Powers & the additional Titan. Let us know what new god power is your favourite in the comments below!
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27 thoughts on “TALE OF THE DRAGON – All God Powers & Titan (Age of Mythology Extended Edition)

  1. They should add Aztec, Celtic, Inca, Babylonian, Hawaiian, Native American, Native Australian, Indian and Japanese deities.

    Some would have to rehash the way of obtaining favor, but others could use new mechanics, like the Aztecs gaining favor by killing villagers (Their own or enemies), Inca could gain favor by making trade routes with runners, Hawaiian by…surfing? I don't know

  2. I might be the only who liked the extension except for the titan? I didn’t played the full campaign but I like the graphics of the Chinese mythology. Also, Nü Wa is the best from the 3.

  3. Man I wished they poured more time into this expansion. It seemed like so much fun honestly. Hopefully next they'll go for Roman mythology maybe?

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